Raiding - The first raid of the year!

I totally get not raiding on New Year's Eve - I want to watch the fireworks on TV with my family and bum around watching Netflix - but there is no reason why we can't raid New Year's Day. Everyone is off, people are recovering from their night out and have now gotten up and ready to raid!

Our first scheduled raid of the year was a normal Antorus. Decent turnout! I forgot to mention that it was a slightly earlier start (like all normal runs) so people wandered in at 9 when we had started pulls at 830pm, meaning we had cleared already.

Surprisingly, there were very few healers. I was there, Cosima/Koda wanted to take her alt for a spin, so I asked Morz to heal. Soon Nerd turned up and there was no need for any more heals. Gen and Owl offered but I'd rather they DPS'd so that I could have some fun healing. We let alts come for this raid and left it on personal loot but once alts are allowed into raid, we go to master loot. I'll make that effective next raid week.

Sev was back, and up to his old mischief again. Poor Gen, logs in and gets dragged into raid and immediately is swapblasted by Sev into who knows what crappy position. Poor thing. No wonder she doesn't want to raid very much!

Fin was on his rogue and nearly killed himself from not running out on the first boss. I was horrified to think we might actually LOSE someone to the first boss that I paid extra attention to him, and so did Koda. We also had a few extra people! Coffee came to raid, and Hwired attended his first raid back, now that he's playing a warlock (much to Aza's disappointment - I think warlock is the new monk or shaman it's that popular). The new guy, Delanoben, has been attending normal raids religiously and seems very earnest - making donations into the guild bank and asking Crooked what other things he needs to donate to be allowed to stay. Apparently that's what he had to do in his old guild. Well, the bank is quite well off lately so nobody has to do donate much of anything anymore.

I did quite well on my New Year's Resolution of not swearing. Lots of sugar sprinkled on the raid yesterday!

Overall a nice clean raid done in 2 hours. Makes me wonder if I should go back to starting at 9pm for Normal raids, but it is kinda nice finising a bit early at 1030pm so we can knock over a dungeon or two before going to bed.