Raiding - Almost ready for mythic Antorus!

Last week we had pretty useless run on Argus. People were asking about mythic, but I thought if we keep playing like that there is no way we are going to do any mythic.

However, there was a total turnaround this week.

We did everything up to (and including) Aggramar, and then 1 shot Argus on Thursday, leaving lots of free time for us to do stuff after raid. If we keep playing like that, then there is a good possibility we can have a few goes at mythic so we can get mythic caches.

It was a good Thursday for me - picking up a Legendary and a cool weapon mog.

I have been avoiding mythics after our mythic efforts in Hellfire Citadel. We pugged people to fill a raid, our own raiders stopped playing because they didn't like playing with pugs, then we started filling other people's pugs which ended up having people leave the guild to join other guilds. Overall, a rather unsatisfactory outcome with mythic raiding, and the sour taste in my mouth still lingers. THis time it would be different. We only do it if we had the people. We won't make extra raid days to do it - in fact, we would cut our Monday raids and have only one Mythic day, and one heroic day. The best day to do it would be Wednesday, I think. I'll make sure people who have to leave early have a partner they can swap with - ie preferably someone who can only turn up to raid late! Galestion and Mesa are late arrivers, and Cosima and Gravy are usually the early leavers. That might work. Then of course there are the non mythic raiders like Crooked who has no interest in doing mythic.

I have it worked out to make it less stressful to do mythic. We aren't going to do it if people are goign to be shitty to one another. We're not going to do it if it makes life unfun.

Now the only difficult thing is trying to figure out who is going to come. I have a feeling we won't have that problem - I actually think we will struggle with numbers. But let's hope for the best shall we?


  1. "We aren't going to do it if people are goign to be shitty to one another. We're not going to do it if it makes life unfun."

    Stick to your guns on the above and you will be fine!
    Does anyone stream/youtube in Frosties? Would love to watch you guys sometime.. in a very uncreepy voyeurism way lol!

    1. I will stick to them. I will!

    2. I am not much of a streamer, but I did make one so guildies who couldn't raid could watch what we were doing. Perhaps I should again.. on the sly!

  2. mythic will add a whole new level of stress. stick to your guns about the no pugging rule will sort out if you guys really want to do it.
    but i have the feeling after this week's patch we will see a whole lot of stuff for BFA announced & the panic will start trying to finish stuff before its launch.
    im still thinking june/july personally

    1. I can tell you that if we do get some BFA stuff starting the interest in mythic raiding will die out, as we all go start chasing whatever new things are coming!


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