PvP - Why I haven't minded not doing RBGs

When Sev and Eurie went away it was that Christmas period where every Friday was a party, or work or some other reason why I couldn't PvP. I missed out on PvP a few Fridays, but the Fridays I was on, I was not keen to do rateds.


Well, because I can't earn Bloody Coins or Marks of Prey in rated battlegrounds. And it's definitely fun to DPS in random BGs. In rateds I feel like the pressure puts me off and I start playing really badlly.

I have even been neglecting arena so I could farm my Bloody coins. I still have a fair ways to go! I'm not even at 1000 yet, and there is also a 2000 coins achievement.

However, I did notice that I am able to buy the mount. When I hit 1000 coins acheivement, I'll reward myself with that.

OMG I can kill things!
Because of PvP weekly last week we had a number of people interested in BGs. Spanky, Coffee, Vork, myself, Crooked, Sev, Galestion and Gravy all turned up at various times to get our things done. I think we managed to get everyone their games. And then Crooked and I went around trying to farm kills. He has been pretty amazing at staying alive in BGs (because of the Mark of Prey buff) and I he's been encouraging me to run away whenever we see romper stompers coming (ie 3 melee incoming!)

Other good news - Prestige is being capped at 30! Yes, I heard Crooked and Sev groan about it (ONLY 30? Geez!) But with me and Coffee in the low 20s of prestige at least it gives an endpoint to work towards.

There was something else - Crooked told me that solar beam silences a school of magic once you step out of it. I hadn't noticed that, because I have run out of solar beams and not noticed I am silenced for nature school of magic (when I'm resto). I wonder if there is some special talent I don't know about? I shall go read my class notes more carefully!