Minipost: Feral Legendary #4 - The Wildshaper's Clutch and a cool new weapon mog

I actually didn't even see legendary drop in raid. It dropped for me doing Heroic Argus and it wasn't the only thing that dropped. Everyone was congratulating me but I was trying to figure out what this weapon that dropped was and why everyone was saying grats.

Yeah, that was a bad time to take a picture. I could have at least taken a picture of the dressing room with me facing the weapon towards everyone.

So this

But what it is, is a cool transmog weapon. It looks like this (and damn, I wish I had a good transmog to go with it. This plate wearer is looking pretty swish)

Now I have to make a new mog for it. Any suggestions?? As a placeholder I'll just wear it with my cool Xavius shoulders!