Honest truth: Why am I still playing the game after all these years?

When I see people at work whom I haven't seen in a while, they always ask me:

"Hey, are you still playing that game? Warcraft?"

And I tell them, yes I am still playing "that game". The next question is always inevitably "What level are you now?" or "Isn't that game really old?"

And yes, the game is old. This game is older than my kids. It's going to be 14 years this year!

And yet, I am still here playing. How is it that I am not bored of it yet? This is the longest I have ever played a game - though Words with Friends, is that counted as a game? I like playing that a lot too - and yet I will still be playing WoW for another 14 years, easily!

There are many versions/reasons why I am still playing!

Romantic version:
Wow has been a stable source of entertainment as well as a font of friendship. Like everyone who has played this game for a long time, those friendships are as close and real as any we have made in real life. In fact, I find it strange to think anyone would think your game friends are not real friends, as spending 2 hours a night playing 3-4 times a week is more time spent than any of my other IRL friends!

The social aspect of having a solid and stable guild is also another cementing factor. I look forward to talking to listening to Kel/Vork reminding me every night to turn of guild repairs. Or listening to Gen howling at Sev when he trolls her with swapblasters. Or Ram moaning about Sev changing guild notes again. Or laughing at people dying to Kin'goroth's ruiner.

Addict's version:
The goal posts are constantly moving in WoW. And I always like finish something and WoW has just enough things that I can't finish. What do you think I'm referring to? Yep, I'm talking about achievements and collections.

No, this is not me. But I think some people THINK this is me
If I had finished every bit of content that I enjoyed in the game, then I would stop playing until there was new stuff. But there is no way that could happen. Firstly... achievements. I like - no, I LOVE - achievements. When we are done raiding then I will go out and finish chasing some achievements. PvP achievements are still a ways off to completion, plus all the dungeon achievements. And helping guildies get their achievements.

AND, if I did finish all my achievements, then there are alt achievements. I hate alts, so I probably won't even get to there but it would be good to finish off those profession achievements. But since I dislike alts, I'll find any excuse to get out of doing them, but if I did finish every achievement or goal then I would start on those.

Overlord version:
I really like being the guild leader of Frostwolves. I love talking to people, I even enjoy the conflicts because I actually like whinging about them. I like having problems to solve and finding solutions to them. And I like order. I like boundaries, and sometimes I'm itching for people to push boundaries so I can just shove them back in line.

I like finding out details about every guildie, so that if someone asks me about them I can at least say 2 things about them. Is that stalker like? Is it nosy? I don't know, but I do love investigating and getting to know everyone. Many of them are personal - as a doctor, I think people don't feel as weird telling me about their medical issues, maybe it's because I understand them, or won't judge them.. From bipolar disorders to inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes to migraines, I find it fascinating how prevalent various illnesses are.

I have thought about whether I could give up being a guild leader. I actually would find it hard to give up. I mean, if someone was doing a better job than me, was more available and reliable than me, then I think I would give it up, but I'd miss it. I would miss being able to help steer the direction, miss help ing organise and plan stuff, miss making decisions and things. So, I am still playing after all these years because I like being the guild leader! Would I stop if I wasn't the guild leader? Probably not, too many things to do. But I definitely would miss it.

Well now you know the honest truth! So tell me, why are you still playing the game after all these years?


  1. =^..^= much the same reason wise. MMO is my genre, Blizz manage to shake wow up often enough that it stays interesting for content and goals and variety of things to do and the community gets close in a way that just didn't happen for me in GW2. Warcraft is comfortable like old shoes too - I like knowing the history and the content and knowing what to expect, its not too hard or too confronting. Escapism at its best, its what you make of it. Also I can be a cat, ride a cat, have a cat as a weapon and even have a pet cat. Huge step up from breeding kittens for death runes in run escape - dance emotes are also much better.

    1. I like the old shoes analogy - but from a woman's point of view I would like it more to a pair of favourite jeans!

  2. firstly its because its where i spend time with coffee. its where i met coffee so without wow there wouldnt be coffee in my life.
    2nd its the ppl i have met over the years, from raiding guilds to fun guilds to finding home here, there's nothing quiet like being in a guild that fits perfectly. i didnt know what i was missing till i found it.
    3rd its where i like to do things, i can play as much or as little as i like. its always there with new stuff to do.
    when ppl used to ask me why i was always busy on raid nights i had to explain that being in a raid team was like being part of a sporting team, you can be soical & just run around & have fun with a drink & a chat afterwards or you can be in the hardcore fun where every game matters, trying to be the best in the region etc.
    most ppl didnt understand that i played with up to 30 ppl at a time from all around the country. when i asked them what they did on a thursday night, the normal response was watch tv, to which i replied so you spent the night staring at a screen interacting with no one & not actively engaging in problem solving?
    lastly what other form of entertainment can you get these days for 50c/day? sweet bugger all.

    1. And you know how glad I am you are here. I tell you often enough.

  3. After giving up WoW for 5 months (First break in 10 years), I only returned cos I missed (some) of my mates. Am loving not being a GM anymore tho and not being tied to a set schedule.. I have found a renewed love of those same old friends and of the game. I did try ESO for a few months again, but it's just not the same without those people.. Although I did bring a few new ones back with me :)
    Most likely I will be around until the game dies or I do lol!

    1. So is that back like... getting back with your ex, and you know it won't last or is it back like back in the saddle?

  4. Shouldn't that be the "Evil Overlord" version? ;-)

    And I thought the reason why you play WoW is because it gives you an excuse to write.

    1. HA! I wish there was a title, Overlord. I would so wear it.


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