Get More Bag Space by making even MORE SMS's go to your phone!

With patch 7.3.5 this week they added 4 extra bag slots on your backpack for all characters on that account for adding SMS protect.

To me it's a no brainer - I mean with work passwords, my banking stuff and everything else that keeps going to my phone, it's not so bad.

But, there are heaps of people unhappy about it. And you know what? The funny thing is that it's ENTIRELY OPTIONAL. You don't miss out on anything by not having it, you only gain a few extra bag slots if you DO opt in to do it!

There are a few people who don't have mobile phones and are upset they are missing out on the bag slots because of that. Though, think of all the money they are saving by not having a mobile phone! I mean, they were totally fine without it before.

There are also many people upset because they feel like Blizzard is making them jump hoops to get extra things. Sigh. These are EXTRA things! You don't NEED these things! It's a reward if you do the thing Blizzard asks you to do, not something that's given to you regardless because you want to do your own thing!

Well, fortunately for me, I have a mobile phone. And also, I am thrilled to get the extra bag space. I recently paid half a million for my extra 4 slots, and now all I have to do is add my phone number for SMS's when I forget my password and I get another 4 slots! Yay for extra bag slots!


  1. sigh. even before the phone version i had 2 keyfobs. 2 factor authentication is becoming such a standard now that most of my games have it.

    1. See, and you did it for NO reward. Now you get a reward!


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