Fail Friday - What is a dead key anyway?

I need to keep up with my Fail Friday posts. I actually find them rather liberating!

Now this week's Fail Friday happened on a Saturday. Was doing keys with Anna and Gal and HK and we were doing upper Kara. Everyone seems to love upper Kara. Melee love it because they want the Eye of Command. So people are always keen to run it.

HK's Upper turned into an Arcway, and my Upper turned into Lower Kara. Everyone said they were terrible keys and didn't want to do them.

So I figured what the hell, I'll put it up in a LFG, and see if any bites.

I managed to get a group together, and off we went. The tank died to the first few mobs (something in that trash was hurting a lot) and we managed to get through everything and were doing Moroes. The hunter was a bit slow and getting back and then the tank did a countdown but not everyone was there, and I panicked and hit something which was my trinket which hit the boss and the fight started and we wiped. After that it was a bit rubbish. The DPS yelled at the tank and we tried it again after that but we wiped at 6% on Moroes (and that was with no lust). So we decided to go to Attumen but the tank left group and that was the end of that key. I was a bit bummed because we could have done it! That was my epic fail, that pull on Moroes. Ugh. The only reason I wasn't kicked from the group was because it was MY KEY.

The warrior and the boomkin really wanted to do the downgraded version of the key so we went off again - this time we had a DK tank and a WW monk. Unfortunately, that monk died to everything! The tank at least was pretty good.

We managed to finish the dungeon going 4 mins over despite all our deaths and wipes. I was happy with that! 

So a dead key is a key that you can't finish in time. But that's not a dead key to me! A dead key is a key I cant' finish! And I have had a few of those!

The interesting thing is that I managed to finish the key with random people from groupfinder. One of the other guys said that they only pug high keys, because with the addon, it's easy to find people who are good at high keys.

I installed that addon ages ago, but I found the constant updating annoying. So I stopped loading it. Then everyone was telling me to use the Twitch client.

So, all I have to do now is install the Twitch app and I can update my addons instantly. People have been telling me to do it for ages, but I only started doing it after guildies said how easy it is to keep my DBM up to date with the Twitch app.

I never used the curse client/w  to update (many many years ago people said that your account could be hacked with the curse client). Now it's so convenient! Why didn't I listen to everyone and get this installed before?

Now it's heaps easier to pug mythic plus, because my is up to date. And, after last night, maybe it's not so bad to pug after all.


  1. Let me preface this with a statement that I am no great defender of Curse due to their past scuzzy practices, practices that they accused their competition of which they do to. They have rather ruthlessly persecuted a war against other addon manager to become the last man standing of addon managers. Ace and WoWInterface have less than 10% the coverage of these guys, largely due to that campaign. So I have no lover for them but prefer using this thing to managing my own.

    (Aside: I would work on my own download manager, but they've managed to lock out their trove of free open-source software so that you can't get to it except through their thing. So there's that).

    Having said all these annoying things about them, the hacking accusations were completely and utterly false. More than that, nobody making those claims could prove it aside from "sometime after I downloaded from Curse I got hacked" to which I responded "maybe it was that porn site you visited in between, instead, maybe? If 10,000 people use it on a regular basis and 9,999 aren't being haxxored by it, I have questions.

    It's funny. They accuse ACE of altering artifacts from what the author gave them to distribute, then turn around and do the same thing. In my mind, they deserved the FUD they got from the haxxoring. But the downside is a lot of users like yourself have been needlessly inconvenienced over the years because their own practices have given false accusations wings.

    I try to keep my blog updated with that kind of info, but I think the last time was before you were a reader, and it's not the sort of thing one revisits unless needed. So, glad you found your way onto it eventually :)

    1. So I went back to go find this old post, but all I could find was this:
      Anyway, I feel like I've caught up to the rest of the world!

    2. Wow, I had no idea that had a copy of my blog from the old days. (note:'s copy had the images intact).

      Note that the blog history is basically: started on blogspot, went self-hosted WP, went back to blogspot, then went to free-hosted WP. In between there may have been sole data degradation, auch as loss of most of the stuff from my first two years.

      The *current* location is and is a bit more up to date.

      I did NOT find any of my commentary about the "i got hacked by curse" posts. Which is a shame, as it was a much better rant than the one you did find.


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