Fail Friday - This darned patch and bugginess

This week's Fail Friday comes to you courtesy of patch 7.3.5!

If you tried to raid this week, you will have noticed a bizarre FPS issue when raiding. In fact, it was almost unplayable for some of our players! Notably, the warlocks.

Heavy AOE fights were pretty ordinary with us wiping on dogs because of people getting terrible framerates. We tried turning of DBM (worked for some, not for others) and changing graphics settings. By Thursday it was better (and we even managed to clear heroic for the week with that rubbishy bug), but then there were other weird issues as well.

There were buggy dungeons. I heard that Vault of the Wardens was dreadful because you couldn't target the ads during a boss fight so they would just overwhelm the group. Someone had a buggy Arcway with a boss that wouldn't come down from the ceiling.

My personal Fail Friday was related to an Arcway I did on Monday. We were trying for a 19 and then I had something happen so I was always in combat. I couldn't drink and so I was relying on innervates and my mana trinket and pots to get me up. Made the instance REALLY long as I kept trying to kill myself to get out of combat, which not only added to the kill timer but lots of time wasting.

The other personal fail was dying on the Kurtalos, the last boss of Blackrook Hold. Pancake was on his DK and said he can solo it, and I died from swarm trying to get into melee and I felt super stupid about that. Galestion died first, then I did, but then once I was down, pretty much every other DPS was going to die. But, then we watched Pancake solo the boss from like 35% or something, except it was a LOOONG fight. Failed the time on the key (which we MIGHT have made if we'd all just died and come back to do the fight again) but it was rather cool to watch Pancake solo the fight, even if it took like... 14 minutes or something.