Raiding - More Antorus... and my thoughts on Illidan

Sunday was normal Antorus day. For the first week I said only heroic raiders to go so we could get the hang of the fights.  Comments from around the community said it was undertuned. And I do admit that it did feel easier than the other tiers. I am sure it took us a few goes to get normal Archimonde down, or even normal Blackhand. But clearing normal in 2 days feels.. I dunno, wrong.

The good news is that I think now that we've got the hang of it we may be able to get it done in one night. However, this week was heroic raiders only, and next week we'll have extras. I will probably have a lot of people whinging at me, but I don't care, Sundays are for fun, and it is so easy, that it probably WILL be fun.

Now, for those who don't want spoilers, you may stop reading right here.

I am not sure I understand the purpose of the Eonar fight. It just seems like free loot to me. PLUS we get to fly around with wings, which was rather cool. Of course, people like me with difficulty in 3D orientation had some issues trying to land on things because I was going too fast. I may have made a few mis-steps...

I was grumpy that I had to DPS because Dil and Nerd were there and I really want them to raid, but it doesn't mean I want to be looking lame instead of practicing healing. After all, I need all the practice I can get since I've been super lame this whole tier.

We did 9 bosses on Sunday, leaving Aggramar and Argus for Monday. I think I spent more time watching the video than it did to actually do the fight. It was over just like that!

It was good for taking pretty pics though, of Argus and Azeroth.

So. At the end, we restore the Pantheon somewhat, only to have them lock themselves away (and Sargeras) for eternity. Also, we say farewell to Illidan, who stays behind in the Pantheon so he can turn into Maiev Shadowsong and become the hunter with his prey, Sargeras, the hunted. Now he's the jailer and Sargeras the prisoner.

I'm a bit sad that now I've finished the raid on normal, that Argus is no longer in the sky! Instead, you can see the Pantheon, which is a red star in the sky...

I have mixed feelings about this. When Illidan returned, and was some kind of anti-hero, it was cool and the story arc was believable. But in the end, he was alone, he has no friends, and he left some small notes for the people in the world he was closest to, Tyrande and Malfurion, both of whom still cannot believe that Illidan was actually trying to be good. The two of them though, being Lawful Good, probably find it a bit hard to trust Illidan again (what would he be.. Chaotic Good?) since he did such terrible things in the name of what he believed in. However, he seems to have shown himself to be truly working in the best interests of Azeroth, and sacrificing the rest of his life to watch over Sargeras. Perhaps he feels this is a fitting end for the pain he caused those that he loved, because for most of Legion, I can't remember seeing Illidan hanging out with Tyrande and Malfurion much.

So now, Illidan's gone, Sargeras plunged a big fat sword in the middle of Silithus (which I still haven't gone to go look at yet, but I hear you better not touch it coz it will kill you) and now Azerite is pouring out everywhere. OK. So now we're leading into the next expansion.


We did some heroic after finishing off Normal, and managed to get another two kills, yay!

Eonar was still just a free loot fight in Heroic. I'm not sure I understand it. It was cool us standing in the trees though! Hopefully nobody noticed that I was using my flying ability but was unable to stomp myself onto the branches, so I just gave up.

I did start the beginning of the raid stroppy because I spent ages running through the raid to get to the boss and I was swapblasted and I ran off the edge. I was SPEWING mad. I could not figure out who the culprit was but I will just have to keep my neural silencer up. When I figure out who it was, there will be some payback, I assure you!


  1. Great pictures. I am looking forward to getting back into raiding myself following a nearly two year break from the game. Good Luck with your progression. Can't wait to read about it.

    1. It's a good time to get back - it's not too difficult (so far) compared to previous tiers. Thanks for dropping by Grackfang!


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