Microholiday - Moonkin Festival (Who can resist a quintuplet of moonkin)

People whinge about microholidays, but sometimes they are really cute. Like this Moonkin Festival Microholiday which was over the weekend.

OK, these moonkin dancing are kinda cute!
Footloose! Kick off your Sunday shoes!

Space Jam!

The moonfiring observation made me giggle.

There is something creepy about watching people sleep. But they said I had to do it...

I got one moonkin hatchling following me after that. I didn't realise but I had to feed it these berries. Five in fact! They told me to kill Jadefire satyrs. Another moonkin popped up to join the first one.

There were 3 things to collect from the satyrs which combined together to form an antidote. They moonkin hatchlings told me to to go to the Barrow Dens to go find Clookle. Well. This took me ages. I didn't realise there were TWO doorways and one goes to a short den and the other goes to where Clookle was. Guess who spent ages wandering around a dead end trying to find where to go...

Now I had a fourth moonkin hatchling! Clookle said thank you but the hatchlings mentioned Xavinox, and I did see people killing him outside, so I better go join them.

He dropped an item, that when used, made a 5th moonkin appear!

Aww they're so cuuuuute! And they followed you everywhere, into dungeons and stuff and they'd do little moonfires on enemies (though I don't think it did any damage).

The buff said 5 days, but imagine my sadness when I logged in on Tuesday to find my mooonkin all GONE! I was hoping to take them to raid, because it would have been cool!

I like cute microholidays!