Sunday Raids - Patient Zero achievement

In epidemiology, patient zero refers to the sentinel case of an outbreak (such as a virus or disease). But this achievement in World of Warcraft is from Helya, and yes it is related to infection!

We did this achievement on Sunday night with just enough people to make a raid. We have attempted it before and failed, but we did remember the gist of how we had to do it.

The achievement requires everyone except one person to have Fetid Rot. Fetid Rot is cast by the Grimelord during Phase 2 of the fight. The rot only lasts 5 seconds before it drops off, causes damage and spreads to people 5 yards around you. So to do it, we had me and Crooked take the rot to one side and pass it back and forth to one another.

After that, we had to get Helya really low, like 5% or less, and then run into a tightly stacked up group and give the infection to EVERYONE. There would be one person without the rot, which would be the person who spread it in the first place and then we would have 5 seconds to kill Helya before it fell off. And everyone needed to be alive so they could all get the achievement.

It took a bit of warming up. Crooked and I were doing the infection transfer and I would stuff up by moving when we were pushed by waves, instead of standing still so we were pushed together. Sometimes we'd get knocked around by the orb. After a few dud goes, I tried to speak up more about where we were moving, and after many goes (I'm sure it was more than 10) we finally got it!

I admit, I never want to do that achievement again. It might be easy when there is just one person though (soloing it) - I wonder if that would work! Though, 2 peeps might work too in the future. Grats to HK, Triarchi, Crooked, Amelior, Kinry, Galestion, Furyfire, Coffee, Lushen, Strophic and me!