So, I finally did Mage Tower (Healer)

I have been rather avoidant of Mage Tower because I am so rubbish at challenge scenarios. And lots of people gave me advice such as using drums, what legendaries, etc. People said it was easy, making me feel even WORSE about the whole thing.

Most of the time I would do it late at night when nobody was on to disturb me. And I think maybe doing it really late was what made me not do so well, because my successful attempt was during the day when I was wide awake (and nobody was online).

Getting to know the waves was the learning curve. So these were the talents I went with:

And I used Soul of the Archdruid (ring) and Promise of Elune (boots) as my legendaries. I did swap to Velen's Future Sight (Trinket) at later stages though! And I used tier from ToS.

I also flasked, food buffed and used a rune. I prepotted for Stage 7 with Prolonged Power.

Stage 1

There are 3 adds - Archer (mana sting which does take 75% of your mana), Mage (who casts Arcane stuff which stacks), Soldier (who hits like a truck when fixated on you, and does a FOK type annoying thing)

First wave is a solo archer, that is easy to DPS down and hide behind one of your buddies so they get show with mana sting.

The second wave has an archer and a mage. I put a vortex on the archer (but not necessary) and hit the mage. When the mage has its 3rd stack heading to 4th is when I bash it (or typhoon it, but you need to wait till later with typhoon to make sure the buff will drop off him) and block the mana sting with Jarod.

The third wave has a mage and a soldier. I had to use warstomp on the mage as my bash was on cd and bear form for when the soldier fixated on me, because then it does hardly any damage and frenzied regen would heal me from any damage.

The 4th wave is a bit rough, with a mage and two soldiers. Bash is up again (though typhoon has a shorter cooldown so might be better) so the healing is a little bit rough on your allies with the knife dance.

The 5th wave I found hardest with a mage, archer and soldier. I vortex the archer so I didn't have to deal with hiding for a little while, so I could dps down the mage quickly. Then I turned my attention to the soldier. I often tree formed here to top everyone up and maybe a tranq if I had fallen behind.

Stage 2

When I first started doing this, I moonfired all of the eyes, and healed myself as I wrathed the adds down. But when I did it on my successful attempt, my gear level had gone up so much that I had only moonfired 4 of them and then the first one died and I was caught out with not topping myself up enough. But otherwise it's an easy phase.

Stage 3

Felguard and 2 bats come at you, but also an easy phase. I just stood in my efflo with hots on myself and wrathed the adds so I could build my stacks of my Power of Elune to make the next phase easier.

Stage 4

I remember the first time I came here I had no idea what I was supposed to do, and as fighting these adds that hit like trucks that were friendly before. So, dispel the scared add, who is running zig zags up and down the stairs, and heal up the other 3. After that, hit the archer and use the healed up adds to take the mana sting.

Stage 5

Run up the stairs and dodge the eyes. I moonfired them as I ran up to clear the path which is easy but they do respawn so don't dilly dally.

Stage 6

There is a seer here who summons those eyes that spin around and do a bit of damage so just move yourself away from him. I like to bash him as he is casting it so that I had extra time to DPS him and then move. There are also the stationary eyes like in stage 2.

There is a bit of a rest here so you can mana up and change talents and gear if you want. I changed gear because the next phase required no DPS, and so I swapped out my Promise of Elune boots to Velens.

Stage 7

In this stage Lord Edris pulls 3 friendly adds to him that have to be healed to full before they reach him or they turn into mobs you have to fight later, and also keep your allies alive as they are fighting each other because they've gone a bit loopy. I kept lifebloom up on Callie or Granny because Jarod is tanky and doesn't really take much damage, as well as kept them hotted up and under an efflo. I found this stage really difficult, because I kept forgetting to use my Essence of G'Hanir. So, to make it work, I had to cast wild growth on the first add that comes out and then use EoG, and cast 2 rejuvs on 2 of the adds. Sometiems I could heal the 3rd add, but most of the time I didn't get it healed.

The second lot of 3 adds I used wild growth again and then tranquility. Sometimes I would use Velen's just before tranquility to help heal up my allies who were wailing on each other quite badly by this stage. All of them were healed up in this phase.

In the 3rd lot of 3 adds I used tree form and wild growth, innervated myself and spammed regrowth on the adds. Sometimes I got all 3 healed but if I only got 2 then on the 4th lot of adds just healed up one more add and then the phase was over.

Stage 8

There was a bit of a rest here so I could drink up and change gear back to having Promise of Elune instead of Velens. Then just DPS the adds down like in Stage 1. I found I could get through 3 adds at a struggle, but more than that it was a wipe.

Stage 9

I found this stage hard and demoralising after making it through all that and then failing! Lord Edris leaves fire pools on the ground and you rapidly run out of room if you're too slow. Those fire pools do damage you and you need them because he also puts an explosive dot on you that on detonation does damage to your allies for however much health you had, so light the Nightbane fight, you have to stand in the pool to get your health low so that when you explode you don't do much damage to your allies. Then you need to top yourself up (and go bear) so that when he leaps on you it doesn't kill you. I often died from that, because I hadn't topped myself up when he leapt on me. This is the stage to use drums! You also have to do some damage to the boss so keep moonfire/sunfire up on Lord Edris and keep Jarod healed, since he takes all the damage. You can actually die on this stage if Lord Edris is low enough (like 20%) and the allies will kill him for you, but keep Jarod healed because he does take a lot of damage from the boss.

When I did it succesfully, I was worried because now I had so much more health than before! But I hadn't used drums on this stage previously and I think they made a big difference.

Yes, I'm dead and Jarod is on 9%. Phew!

Sorry there are no pics of the stages - too busy concentrating! But there are plenty of videos out there to watch which are really helpful, but I only watched one once. If you haven't done it yet, then I wish you all the best if you're giving it a shot!


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    1. Thanks! Now I will not resist the RBG thing :P

    2. Navimie you are my healing hero for doing this when you did. I only learned of Mage tower stuff month or two ago - yes, I've been very out of date with things in Legion. It is kicking my druid butt as we speak (despite having Antorus gear)! I think I am well past 30 -40 attempts. I stopped counting at some point hehe.

      I have hope that I will get it soon - your guide was super helpful. Congrats on getting it done! It's such a wonderful appearance!

    3. Thanks Saya! I don't think I am a hero - I am actually super pathetic because you see all these guides of people doing it on their 3rd go and I know I did it at least 70 times (I also stopped counting, I was super demoralised) and so I was just hiding from it. Good luck with it, hope you get it before xpac drops! I think the best advice I can give is to not be tired when you do it!


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