Raiding - First 2 nights in Antorus

Who doesn't love the first night of a new raid? One of the best part was that we didn't have restarts at 10pm like we usually do! Amazing! They must have fixed something!

So on our first night we did the first 2 bosses on heroic (Garothi and Felhounds), and they were pretty easy.

Then we did High Command, which was a little more challenging as people kept stepping on bombs and it got a little crazy, but when we came back the following night we got that down. Yay!

The rest of the night we were doing the portal boss and getting the hang of it - looking forward to the next raid day so we can get it down!

The funny thing that happened was the lift. There is a lift as we head up to High Command, and with most lifts in the game you just stand under them and when it comes down, make sure you jump so you get on the platform. That was fine on Wednesday, but on Thursday that was hotfixed. Vorkrack was in the middle of telling us about the changes to the elevator boss, when the lift came down and...

Well, you can't see us because our dead bodies are UNDER the lift. And look! When the lift went up, we were all pieces of squished meat...

I bet you someone at Blizz is chuckling over that change. Admittedly, it's a good thing, because now WoW follows the laws of PHYSICS where you do die when an elevator lands on your head! And all that potential for trolling and swapblasting... thank goodness I have heaps of neural silencers still!

Hope everyone else is having fun in the new raid!