PvP - FINALLY we have a guild RBG team!

After the interest we had in last week's Rated Battlegrounds where we had a couple of wins, there was heaps of interest in Rated BGs this week - so much so we had to sit people out!

We're by no means pro, but playing against teams of similar skill was fun and challenging - and we won heaps of games, giving everyone some rating and I think everyone had fun!

I was cranky at Sev at first because I felt like he was leaving people out, but I forget how nice my guildies are about sitting out and taking turns, and I feel a bit abashed at being so snarly at Sev. I tried to sit out to give people turns, but Crooked kept guilt tripping me by saying I didn't want to play with them! Totally not the case, since guild RBGs is something I have wanted for years and am so excited we are actually doing them!

Overall a really excellent night. We had 7 wins, winning about 70% of our games played. Our team work and communication could be better, but we came up against teams of similar skill which was good for us. There were some really clutch games - one Arathi basin was a bit hairy! Kel was healing on his shaman though next time I'm sure we can get his monk in. The Deepwind Gorge we had felt a bit rough to me, and there was a bummy point where Splatz had the cart, but because there were no resources in it (it was the start of the match) capping it gave us nothing. Temple was fun though mana is always an issue for me in there because of a lack of down time.

We had Sev, myself, Ram, Ultra, Aza, Splatz, Coffee, Vork, Crooked, Triarchi, Spanky, Galestion, Weave and Pancake in various combinations, and I think everyone had fun.

We played a few ABs and we had a 3-0 win of Twin Peaks which was pretty awesome. I remember there was one woeful Gilneas where the other team was good at getting us healers down and it was pretty big stomping. Some of those DK's put out an insane amount of damage!
So many achievements spamming - people winning their first RBGs, getting their first RBG titles, and Sev getting his 25 RBGs won, and then I was happy because I got 75 RBGs won!

Now I thought this was a season achievement because you get a mount/saddle with it, but it turns out it's a cumulative achievement. Cool! So I decided to buy the war turtle (as Aza calls me druid of the shell because of how slow I move), which leaves only 2 left to buy. I am not sure I'll be able to get the season 100 wins for 3s this season, but I'll try...


  1. Was an awesome run - guessing it'll get a bit harder as we gain ranking, but still went really well (and I have my weapon!!! :D)


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