Post Blizzcon - Navi's thoughts on things WoW

All the rumours pre-Blizzcon were given some validation as the World of Warcraft news dropped. A new expansion! New races to play!

The trailer was wonderful eye candy. Sylvanas looked amazing, her little smirks, her Banshee form and her "you're pissing me off" face. Anduin caused a stir as people wondered if that was a mass rez, but I was thinking it was a healing bubble. And is he a paladin? No, he's a priest, but in plate with a sward!

People loved that there was a troll shaman, and that the old orc was Saurfang (I initially thought it was Eltrigg), and we pondered the absence of goblins and gnomes.

The other announcement was Blizz making a Legacy server - not of much interest to me, but those Nostalrius fans will be thrilled. I can't imagine anything worse than playing Vanilla WoW all day long, but if there are people who want to play, then let them play. Good on Blizz for making it happen for them, rather than let them do it by breach the terms of service.

Allied races was a cool addition. I did wonder whether they were new skins pre-Blizzcon, but now that I found out that they were playable races, that you could earn after completing their reputation/questlines I was much more enthusiastic. Now the thought of levelling fills me with dread, but Highmountain Tauren (with their cool horns), Nightborne and Zandalari trolls to play sounds so cool. I wonder if the druid forms will be different for the Highmountain Tauren compared to regular tauren! It's a shame that a Nightborne couldn't be a druid, because their Nightsabres are cool cat forms!

The levelling experience is also heaps better, allowing us to stay in a zone to finish the story before we move on. I have disliked that about a zone, and when I level with the kids, they do like to stay in one zone and finish the story. That will be great for my WoW playtime with the kids.

This new legendary neck for Battle for Azeroth is something to ponder. It's not that I think it's BAD, but the current legendary situation was a little ridiculous. That there are good legendaries and bad legendaries and it's all RNG is irritating, and I can see what they're trying to do here - give us a legendary that we can customise ourselves (on our gear) and then we can go our own way. I'll see how it plays out, but I don't think it will be terrible. Less frustrations with "not getting the right legnedary to drop" but the grind for Azerite (which powers the legendary neck, the new Artifact Power grind). I think it will be something I'll get used to.

Ram is sad that Teldrassil is burning. He seriously said he may not be able to play Horde anymore if it's an act of evil! I can't imagine that there isn't some "reason" that Horde do that, but I can understand how he feels I suppose....

Hope you all are excited about what's to come! Predictions?


  1. It will be interesting to see who fired first between Lordaeron and Darnassus.

    1. I feel bad if Horde burned down Teldrassil without provocation...

  2. Aw, I can easily relate to what Ram is feeling about Teldrassil. I think the scaling is really great if implemented right!

    I heard that the Druid forms will be different for the trolls but not sure about the Highmountain Taurens. Wow yeah Nightborne Druid forms would look amazing :)

    1. I look forward to seeing them, and I am excited thinking about new races. Of course, my distaste for alts seems to be forgotten in my excitement....

  3. I was thinking of coming back for BFA and going Alliance for a change. I have a 'thing' for young princes :D


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