Minipost - Guardian Legendary #3 (or Feral Legendary #2) - Luffa Wrappings

Well, I really must have run out of boomy legendaries because this dropped for me today after killing Commander Endaxis on Argus (doing a WQ).

You can see with each expansion as they try to figure out how to make the legendary items work. First we had the rings and then capes, then these zillion legendaries... and back again to one legendary with AP to power it up rather than reputation to get the next upgraded ring/cloak.

I think the "AP grind" or equivalent, works well for the legendaries. It keeps addicted people addicted, and there is some work involved to get to the goals you want to achieve. There will always be complaining people who say they can't catch up so why bother, but those people are fleeting in game anyway.

I will keep these in my bags. These look decent for tanking!