Legion Dungeon Achievements - HoV, Vow And EoA

Yay, time to do some dungeon achievements! I dragged a reluctant HK, an ambivalent Fin, a resigned Crooked and a clueless Galestion to do dungeon achieves.

I wanted to hit up HoV first, so first we tackled Stag Party.

This was one actually quite easy. On the Fenryr side of the instance, there is a dragon at the start that breathes fire and all these stags run away. You have to drag that dragon around to each stag and let it eat them and it will get a buff, Killing Blow, which makes it do more damage. Once you get to 10 stacks (ie it eats all 10 stags) then you kill it. A couple of things though - don't agro the stags, because then they become hostile and don't count towards a buff for the dragon. They are neutral mobs so accidental dot spreads or taunts can muck that up - be careful!

The next one we did was I Got what you Mead. I was worried about stuffing it up but it was actually very easy. There are 4 mugs on the tables where they Vrykul are drinking, between Fenryr, Hyrja and Skovold. Once you pick it up, you have 60 seconds in which to chuck it. So we have to throw one mug on each of the 4 kings (minibosses) leading up to Skovold. Everyone click at the same time and make sure they choose a target so nobody throws on the same target and voila! Done!

After that we went to hit up Vault of Wardens. The first achievement we tackled was Ash'golm's one - I ain't even Cold. For this one you had to get the Fired up Buff, which you get after you get 5 stacks of lava (which you get form walking over flame pools that move around the platform). Each lava stack does damage so it does hurt a bit, and each stack only has a 12 second lifespan so it needs to be refreshed with a new lava. Once u get 5, you get the Fired Up Buff which doesn't drop off.

We wiped when we all tried to do it, so after that we did it singly. That worked heaps better, and Fired Up doesn't do any damage, so once the 5 stacks of lava fall off (and they do hurt a bit!) you're fine.

Cordana's achievement, Who's Afraid of the Dark? For this one, you had to navigate the platform without holding the orb during Creeping doom (which is the phase with the rows of spirits and you have to find the gap) and nobody is allowed to get hit. We thought we could do it without carrying it at all, but when Cordana goes into the shadow's that's darned annoying. So we carried it for that and then threw the ball away.  Apparently you can carry the ball after the first Creeping Doom and not fail the achievement, but we didn't touch the ball after that.

The funniest part was trying to wipe after we'd stuffed up the achieve but getting hit by the spirits. We'd jump off but then be teleported back on. Guess the only way to die was to stand in Deepening Shadows.

The last achievement we needed in Vault of Wardens was A Specter, Illuminated. Lots of comments about it being bugged, so it was no wonder everyone thought I was an idiot when we were having difficulty locating the thing.

This is one you do after you've finished the instance. You need both orbs and you wander around in the corridor between Glazer and Ash'Golm looking for ghosts. There are 3 ghosts to kill, and you can do them in any order.

We saw a red ghost at the end room of the corridor so we engaged that one, and then 4 things spawned in the corners. Then, as we walked back up the corridor AGAIN (we did walk up and down the corridor looking) we saw a ghostly green one walking, and it was quite bright with 2 lights on it, but when we were down to one light on it, it was barely detectable. Even when we put 2 lights on it again, we could hardly see it. We killed the ghost that spawned afterwards. Then HK (being on his demon hunter) used spectral sight to find the last ghost and we went to kill that.

One of the ghosts was Cordana, and this one here is Inquisitor. I wonder who the 3rd ghost was? Wish I'd taken pics of it!

We had a bit of time to do one more achievement, so we thought we'd go hit up Eye of Azshara to try for Lady Hatecoils achievement, Stay Salty.

Only 5 blobs come out at one time so you have to wait for 3 summons of the adds to get 11. Everyone just needs to face away so they don't kill the adds with their Curse of the Witch. Also, Curse of the witch goes off when you dispel it! HK had to be careful, and we did stuff it up once but just continued trying to get more adds. Luckily the lightning doesn't kill you in normal mythic, because we were fast running out of islands. Also watch your cleaves so you don't kill the adds when you're trying to hit the boss. Win!

Only a couple more to go!


  1. nice. coffee is always up for achieves if you have room :-)

    1. I always drag her when the group doesn't fill up - but you know I hate to break into your couples time :P


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