Legion Dungeon Achievements - Black Rook Moan and Instant Karma

Only a few achievements left on my list! So on Thursday night we set off to do a couple of achievements.

Black Rook Moan was the first one we did - where you have to kill a Frustrated Soul in Amalgam of Souls (first boss in Black Rook).

It's easy with a druid! Just root one of the Restless Souls so it doesn't get to the boss and keep it held for 60 seconds. After that it turns into a Frustrated Soul. Kill it, kill boss, WIN!

The next one, Instant Karma, was in Maw of Souls, also on the first boss. For this one we had to get one of the Seacursed Soulkeepers who do the Defiant strike (the chopping frontal attack) and keep him alive so that he can use his Defiant strike on the Risen Warriors that come during the Ymiron fight. Just don't attack the adds, but they need to be kept in one spot so if the tank holds them (or in our case, Hk's Ox) and then you get the Soulkeeper to do his attack in that direction, it's easy to do.

We also did Poor Unfortunate Souls for some members of the group who didn't have it yet, and that was without setting our hearth at Valdisdall, so we had time to do the first achievement, finish the rest of Blackrook and then fly over to Maw and do this Karma achievement too.

We also did the You're just Making it Worse in Violet Hold (because I was trying to do Festerface but it wasn't up in Violet hold that day), which is where you make Millificent Manastorm cross with you. Two ways to do it - take so long that she gets cross, or someone use the Manastorm's Duplicator toy so you look like Millhouse. Warning, she hits you like a truck if she sees you, so only one person in the group needs to do it.