Happy Birthday WoW - 13 years and still kicking

Far out, World of Warcraft is now a prepubescent TEENAGER. 13 years old! From tween to teen!

Our Wow thing CELEBRATION PACKAGE in the mail had a nice little XP and rep boost - which is a perfect opportunity to do all those fishing things that I need to catch up on. However, I will need a solid 1 hour to sit down and just fish, and fishing is really just something I do when I'm talking to someone else or when I'm watching TV or at work. Which means I fish 50% of the time and stand around AFK the other 50%... meaning wasted Celebration package. I'm always bummed that achievements pop up when I'm logging in (because I always get a buzz seeing achievements pop up on my screen). But, it's kinda cool to see every birthday in there.

(Edit: Ram informs me I can keep using it! OMG I am a dumbass)

I wanted to use it the other day, but couldn't find the thing in my bags or bank. "How could you miss the big fat W?" asked my guildies. Well, I searched "WoW" and "13" and "birthday" but couldn't find it, and thought I'd lost the darn thing. And then I found it... of course it didn't occur to me to search celebration package....

The world dragons and their unique transmog drops is something that people have been out and about doing. I did it once, but the dragon in Duskwood is a bloody pain in the ass. SO MUCH STUFF ON THE GROUND! If you haven't done them, go do them, there are always people hanging around trying to get the transmog items.

Happy birthday World of Warcraft! Happy you're still here, and happy you have many birthdays yet to go :)