Goal achieved before Antorus - Crucible's Promise

Yay, I am thrilled that I got to 75 on my weapon so I can unlock all my crucible pathways for resto! Now I can put a bit of AP into my boomkin weapon!

So what is my next goal? Well, I have heaps of mini goals. I already hit my goal for mythic plus score. I still have to do mage tower for all my specs to get another achievement (ugh thinking about having to do it as feral makes me cringe). I also need to do my dungeon achievements for Legion, for another appearance (and rack up some more achievements). I think I shall organise a group for that on Monday!

I still haven't figured out how to play well as boomy. I must go practice more.

Other mini goals include doing those fisher friend reps, which will take ages - something good to do when I have nothing else to do. Also, I haven't finished digging all my archaeology. It's no longer demon artifact week, so I have to wait for demon artifacts to be up again.

Other achievements niggling at me are ones from Broken Shore (where I have to kill the rares that come out from Epic sentinax thingos) as well as getting one last boss kill from regular invasions. It bugs me that it's so random, but I just have to keep doing invasions, eventually I'll get lucky.