Archaeology - Pristines all done!

Boy was I pleased when I got my last pristine dig! Pristine Malformed Abyssal you are finally complete!

I was very lucky, it only took me 176 Legion digs to finish all my pristine legion artifacts. There is an achievement for 250 digs, so I guess I should keep digging to get that achievement (which awards a cool title).

I didn't realise that I could use my crated artifacts to buy Draenor dig pieces! So I decided to hand all my boxes in I was super thrilled when the last Draenor pristine I needed popped up (Warsong Ceremonial Pike)

So, some things about Legion archaeology...
  • The NPCs that come can be shared. You can get a drop item that summons a hostile NPC, or when one appears when you are digging, then your party members can loot it as well
  • The golden dig sites can be hit or miss. You are more likely to get things like artifact power and extra items from the golden sites, but it's not guaranteed. I had one that had an extra item in all but 3 digs, and other times I had no extra items. I also did not notice a significant increase in the number of artifact pieces from a golden site compared to a regular one
  • Even if you finish all the quests of archaeology you can do them again. I'm not sure what happens with duplicates (because I didn't do all of the quests again) but I am sure some of the items were worth a decent amount of gold
Now, I still have to get that Blue Qiraji mount... darn this Tol'vir! I guess I won't be getting that until next expansion...


  1. Ooh, nice job! You actually beat me. I've had one left over for months. I should get that done... damn demonic chestpiece.

    1. Oh that Hauberk? Crooked is stuck on that one too. And it's SO many pieces! Good luck and get digging since it's demon week this week.


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