A touching Haiku from Godmother

Godmother (Alt:ernative Chat) is having a #30ThankYous month and I was super chuffed that she thanked ME!

The Haiku may sound random, but I know what she was referring to...

Back in 2012 (gosh, that post was more than 5 years ago), I made a toon on EU servers and the first person that I visited was Godmother. I was thrilled to meet her having read her blog and chatted on twitter for a long time. I have always admired her writing style, and considered her points of view when she was arguing particular points.

It was a great meeting, because our friendship didn't just change you for good, it made me consider different things. And I don't know about the other recipients of her thank yous, but it really made my day. I felt loved! Thank you my friend :)