Sunday Raids - Glory of the Legion raider

The goal for Sunday night was to do Gul'dan's achievement, I've got my Eyes on you. We didn't do it at the end of last year because Ram said I was too chicken to try it was a bit rough and it would be easier when we outgear it - the whole point of achievements (in this guild anyway) is that they're fun and if they're a little bit tough then it makes it worth the time and effort.

With the release of Destiny (and no doubt the long lull before new content) there weren't very many people online, and we scraped by with just 11 people. Even Crooked wasn't on! I had to ring Crooked and Sev to remind them to raid.

We had a few attempts at it and failed miserably - the eyes died to fast at one point, and then we couldn't get the right number down in 3 seconds. 3 seconds isn't much time!

However, that wasn't what was causing issues in the raid. There was some weird bug that disconnected us every time we jumped off Gul'dan's platform, and then weirdness where people had UI issues and couldn't target the bosses or zone into the instance. It was darned annoying and we spent lots of time relogging, restarting and summoning. Thank goodness Sev was there.

Crooked got on at 920ish, much to my relief. He always has good ideas for achievements.

Wowhead did say that we should DPS the eyes down to 30% beforehand, but I was worried that the eyes would die like they did before since we are now a little overgeared for the encounter. Crooked suggested we try that again, because when the eyes duplicate, they will have the same health as the original they duplicated from.

After 3 duplications there are 12 eyes. So when the next lot came out, it was another 3 and they were full health so we DPS'd them down. Then they duplicated and it felt like there were eyes EVERYWHERE. I think we even let that one duplicate 3 times again so there may have been 24 eyes around (give or take a couple that died to damage) With so many eyes around, we called for the DPS to start and they smashed as many eyes as they could, the achievement went white. After that, just kill Gul'dan. Boy was it good to get that done!

We then went back to attempt Krosus' achievement where he had to drop fires in the water, but we didn't have enough people so there weren't enough fires spawning. So we abandoned that and did the Krosus part of the A Change of Scenery, Fruit of all evil, and Grand Opening. Grand Opening has been nerfed since we did it - now you only have to do 8 lights, not 12. There was one point in the fight where we had 3 lights lit, but there were definitely 4 bombs that went off.

"Kinry," I said. "You didn't stand in the light with your bomb."
"I didn't do what now?"
"Did you not listen to what I was just saying?"
"To be honest, Navi, I kinda tune out whenever you start talking..."
I swear you could probably hear the steam from my ears. "I am doing this achievement for you and Triarchi and you're wrecking it for him! We've already DONE this achievement!"

So achievement Nazi Navi had a rant and then calmed down when we got our 8 lights. It was actually quite easy. We did attempt Cage Rematch beforehand, but unfortunately HK got knocked out of the ring so we failed that achievement for those that needed it.

It's a pretty sweet mount, and I think it looks really good with those First Satyr shoulders - check out Lushen on his mount - you can see the tip of his shoulders there, third on the right. And Sev's weapon looks good with the mount too! I think it's time to change my mog to match.

Hmm, what acheivements to do next week? Try again for that Helya one? Tough choices!


  1. Can I borrow you the next time I have to rant at my team at work?


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