Sunday raids - Early Achievements in Tomb of Sargeras

Tackling the early Tomb of Sargeras achievements wasn't too bad - and it makes the turnout a little better.

Goroth's achievement (Fel Turkey!) was easy. Everyone stack up on one side of the room so we can get as many spikes as possible destroyed with the shattering stars. Difficulty 2/10.

Demonic Inquisition's achievement (Grin and Bear it) was actually a litlte bit difficult. It sounds easy to get to 100 torment (which it is) but then healing is reduced by 25%, damage done reduced by 20%, hit chance reduced by 90% and damage taken increased by 90%. So we initially tried it when the bosses were at 10% - too much. So we dropped to 5% - still had people dying. Then we pushed it to 40 million and then went for 100% torment. We managed to get that after a few wipes. Take lots of healers because the last bit is rough. Difficulty 5/10.

Mistress Sasszine's achievement (Five Course Seafood Buffet) was about feeding five different things to the whale when he's sucking you in. A third tank is good - they can taunt a murloc and an eel into the maw to be eaten. One person had to have a hydra shot on them and get eaten - that was me and I died at the same time (which is also one of the things to be eaten - a player). The last thing was the usual ink pool. Save the ink pools till last - murlocs don't spawn after phase 1 so do those ones first. Difficulty 2/10.

Sisters of the Moon achievement (Wax on, Wax off) was to pull the Twilight Soul (which is off to the side in the trash pack beyond the Sisters' room) into the room, and in Phase 3, it will change start glowing blue and then you kill it. Third tank is useful here too, and other than that, just do it as normal. Difficulty 2/10.

We attempted the achievement for Desolate host (Great Soul, Great Purpose) but it was tough and we didn't spend too much time on it so we could finish off the raid. Will take it up again the following Sunday.

I also have to get back and do the Gul'dan achievement as well before new raid drops. And also retry that Helya one too. Phew, so much to do on Sundays till Antorus!