Sunday Raids - 2 hard earned achievements in Tomb of Sargeras

I was ready for a night of pain, because our attempts at ball catching on Desolate Host were pathetic last week, so we were all ready to practice catching balls this week.

However, it turned out MUCH easier than we thought!

We had Ram and Vork on the corporeal realm yelling out and myself and Crooked yelling out when we were getting the ball. The yellow circle was much easier to see, and even HK helped catch a ball or two. I think we only had 2 or 3 attempts on it and we got it easily! The key to this is communication, and all four of us were very vocal when we had the ball and when it was being thrown back into the air and whether we were able to get to it or not.

You can see the debuff on our heads, like a little ball, saying we can't carry the ball again. The bright ball can also be seen in the top left corner.

The Maiden of Vigilance achievement (Sky Walker) was actually the hard achievement for the night! It took us the rest of the night to get this achievement.

When the fight starts, an orb, that looks like the star things from Algalon spawns in the hole in the ground. I'd never seen it before, so I was a bit dubious. However, once the fight started, there it was!

Wow it was waaay down there! Since we had no demon hunters, the only person who could get it was a shaman. Luckily, we had 2 of those (Crooked and Fin). Crooked was suiciding himself for multiple attempts before Amelior successfully lifegripped him out.

Once you get that low down orb (which is too low to get with a bomb), four more orbs appear in the well.

These ones can be caught with the bomb to blow you back out, but we were relying on our 4 monks with their transcendence to drop down and grab the orbs. Ram and HK were winners at getting the orbs that way, though we had many people do a great job at grabbing orbs. I caught a couple and I found you have to drop off at about 5 seconds, when the orbs are halfway around from your position, if not a little bit before that. The monks were dropping as the previous one passed them and then transcending back up.

Once we were more practiced at those we finally got the next group up, which were at least above the well.

These ones you have to get by being blown up with the bomb outside the well and being kicked backwards. It reminds me of the rings achievement in Mogu'shan vaults where you had to be knocked backwards to pass through the rings above the Engine of Nalak'sha (And... it's good!)

So with a bit of aim, we managed to get them all and then unloaded everything into the boss so we could finally get our hard-earned achievement.

(One bad point - we forgot to tell Coffee how to do the fight and she didn't realise she was standing on the wrong side with her debuff, but once it was pointed out, she caught on pretty quick!)

So I recommend at least one suicider (demon hunter or shaman) to get the first orb, and having monks helped with their transcendence. Have everyone practice getting orbs, but there will be some who will clearly be better and then after practice is over let them get the orbs, and everyone else focus on not dying because the boss still needs to go down.


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