"Behind" is relative

Crooked admonished me the other day because I was "feeling behind" in my honour and artifact power. Of course, that was because Coffeehunter had overtaken me in Prestige and I was feeling left behind. Never mind the fact that we are prestige 16/17 and everyone else is sitting back at prestige 4, but Coffee teased me that I'm the only one competing over who is ahead on Prestige. Well, I have to have SOMETHING to keep me motivated, and goal setting is a good motivation.

A druid in our guild, Nkd, who had been absent for a while, logged back in and was asking questions about artifact power and what Concordance level he should be aiming for. Finadama piped up and said that he was concordance 21 but he was a little bit behind. Most people online at that stage were a little taken aback. For the rest of us casual players we were sitting somewhere between 16 and 19 concordance. I'm at 19 and I wasn't feeling left behind but after Fin's comment, I NOW FEEL LEFT BEHIND! Consti and Splatz made a comment the other day that our weapons need to be at 75 before we start Antorus but I can't see that happening for most raiders in our guild. Mythic guilds yes! But not us Frostwolves! But, now that they said that, it's given me a goal to aim for. There is no way I can compete with Fin who does every single AP quest daily (I've been lazy since I hit exalted with both Argus factions, I can't even make myself do any Broken Shore WQ), but I can try and get my weapon to 75 so I can unlock all those relic things.

You know what I really am behind on? That's my arena games for the season. With me being away, then Sev being away, then Coffee being away... that hasn't left us much time for arena games. Hopefully this Friday we can get some games down. I really want to get a mount this season, and I have a sneaking suspicion that there are only 4 weeks left to the season.

Speaking of behind, I looked at HK/Aimei's gear the other week and was horrified to see that after all this time she was still wearing raid finder legs. It's no surprise that HK's demon hunter has a better ilvl than his monk, which is because he doesn't take her anywhere.

My nagging to get him to bring his monk for tier leg boss in Tomb of Sargeras only succeeded for one week. This week he took his demon hunter again... sigh.

Oh, and I am also behind in my mythic plus score. I really need to do a better Lower Kara. Hopefully can get some good keys and decent times for mythic plus runs this Saturday. My mythic plus score is only 1767 and I would like to be 1800 like last season. I don't think I have what it takes to get past 2k, but it doesn't hurt to try!


  1. while you may be behind on some things you are way ahead on others. its all about what you want to be ontop of. just set a goal or 2 & youll be back in the swing in no time.
    this xpack has been pretty brutal in the sense of no downtime. which is good for some but not good for ppl that like to do it all.
    take a breath & dont be hard on yourself. just enjoy the ride

    1. I enjoy the ride! But I also enjoy the competition :P


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