A day of mounts - 3 to be exact!

I got 3 new mounts today. Huh.

No, I wasn't one of those lucky people who got 3 mounts from a Army of The Light reputation cache.  I saw that happen to Consti today. Coffeehunter said that 2 of her friends had the same thing happen to them too.

But no, I got my mounts from different things.

The first one, I got from Prestige 17 (see previous post). That was a Prestige Forest Courser.

Yeah, standing on that rock really wasn't very cool for taking pics. Note for next time. So, because I hit 300 mounts, I got the Lord of the Reins achievement, which comes with a mount reward - a heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent.

And this evening I found in my mailbox another mount which is the result of getting the achievement for killing 2000 demons on Argus. Yes, I have that achievement and so do a lot of people! But here we go, it comes with a Bleak Ruinstrider.

So there you have it, more mounts than I've had in ages! Yay me!