Vigilant Quoram - voiced by Q?

If you have quested in Mac'Aree and gotten to the Sigil of Awakening part of the quest then you would have encountered Vigilant Quoram, the construct that you have to "jostle" awake and sets you with some rather trivial trials.

I found the exchange rather amusing!

Vigilant Quoram : I am restored.
Archmage Y'mera: Oh no... I know that voice.
Vigilant Quoram: Exile Y'mera. Why have you returned?
Archmage Y'mera: We need to--
Vigilant Quoram: Conservatory resources are not available to one of your... status.
Archmage Y'mera: Of all people to become Gatekeeper... Navimie, perhaps you had better do the talking.

Snooty bugger. But his sarcasm and disdain continues!  During the Gatekeepers's Challenge: Tenacity, he says:
Take all the time you need. Failure is an art, I hear.

And, during the Gatekeeper's Challenge: Cunning, he makes further snide remarks:
Archimonde expected greatness from his pupils. Only the most imaginative minds, the most adroit of intellects, could ever truly fathom the deepest reaches of our magic.
I doubt you can relate.
The path to the left will take you to a set of three statues. Use them to collect a Mark of Cunning.
To preserve the integrity of this trial, I will not be able to provide hints. If you do, by some miracle, happen to succeed, I will formally recognize your... brilliance.

And when you succeed:
Oh. You were successful. Surprising.

During the Gatekeeper's Challenge: Mastery, his snobbery towards Ymera is evident.
Archmage Y'mera: Great. We will be on our way.
Vigilant Quoram: You, Y'mera, will have no part in this. But I will not deny you the opportunity to watch Navimie fail.
Archmage Y'mera: So generous of you.
Archmage Y'mera whispers: I may not be able to assist you directly, but I have information that could be of interest.

So. Quoram is voiced by John De Lancie, better known to me as Q! I wonder if that's why the toon's name is Quoram? Coz of that Q? (taken from Wowhead - this is not confirmed!)

He is rather good at doing the sarcastic, snooty voice! Mr De Lancie has done some other voices in WoW as well, including this that tree in Stormheim (Vydhar) that asks you to do the Vampirates world quest.

Dreyrgrot is infested with pirate... vampires... pira-vamp... vampirates? GRAH! Just go slay them. The fools are plundering relics we buried for a reason. Such cursed artifacts were never meant to be unearthed.
What I would like to know is what is Quoram's story! I would love to know the back story of that arrogant prick. Maybe I should make one up in a future blog post :D


  1. I was once --about 28 or so years ago-- at a Star Trek convention where John De Lancie was one of the guests of honor (Majel Barrett was another), and I sat in on the panel discussion in one of the big ballrooms with a friend. This was long enough ago that this was actually pre-beard for me. This was my first exposure to a big panel at a SF/F con, and some of the questions from the audience.... Hoo boy. I'm sure I stood out in the crowd, even though it was a packed ballroom because I was dressed, well, normal (polo shirt and shorts) and the look on my face at some of the questions...

    My respect for John De Lancie and Majel Barrett went up a ton for being able to field questions that would have been better off asked of the writers --or just about anybody else, for that matter. One person started out their question by saying "I had a dream the other day..." and I visibly cringed. Back in the late 80s it was hard enough to get SF/F to be taken seriously without questions like that basically confirming the stereotype. But De Lancie took it in stride; when another person asked about how you join the Continuum, De Lancie waved his arm in dramatic fashion and selected people at random in the crowd, to huge laughs. Another time, De Lancie gave the questioner a look and said "You DO realize that I'm being paid for this appearance, right?"

    If you ever try out Star Trek Online, during the time usually slotted for Christmas/Winter/Solstice festivals, there's a Q event in which Q is voiced by De Lancie.

  2. what actual evidence have you that John delancie is voicing Quoram ?

    1. None... I read it from Wowhead and got all excited. Now I will have to ask Mr De Lancie myself!

  3. I love de Lancie, I really do, but I don't think he voices Vigilant Quoram. His voice simply doesn't have the resonance required, even with effects added. Sounds more like British actor (and voiceover artist) Pip Torrens to me.

    1. I will have to go find out, now that I feel foolish for writing WRONG things!


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