The Daily Frostwolf gets a haircut

Spoon has been hassling me about my blog. Well, hassling may not quite be the right word. He keeps subtly suggesting that I need to update it.

I don't remember the exact comments, but "Negative space is the new thing, Nav," and "Your blog looks ancient," made me think, ok, I need to update it.

But, I'm not very good at designing things. So I just selected a different template from Blogger and will run with it a while. It's so hard to get rid of my old templates! I quite liked my old title bar!

It's much like a haircut. Not sure if I should try something different when I'm so used to the old style, but times are moving, I'm getting older and perhaps something that suits my age more. Does that apply for blogs? LOL

So my dear readers, there may be a bit of juggling around with the blog whilst I find something I like. I'm not sure I like this giant picture on the blog, but so far, I am liking this one the best. I'll stick with it for a week and se!


  1. Et tu, Navimie?

    Oh boy, now that Daily Frostwolf has been updated, PC looks even more out of date than it did before with the "Cataclysm" pic on top. Shintar has started reminding me I need to update PC's look, and now you come along and do this...

    It does look awesome, BTW!

    It does feel a tad slow at times, however. Not sure if it's because of my work laptop or not, tho.

    1. I feel like there is too much space on the sidebars - as in it's double spaced. No doubt I'll get used to it. You know Parallel Context and my blog were very similar in layout so if I'm doing it... want to keep up with the Jones's, Redbeard? Though as Stoppable says below, it's part of the charm - I think I'd be shocked if there was a change on yours :D

  2. Well, it does look a lot less 1999 around here... but I thought it was part of the charm, personally!

  3. I've never been a fan of the white text on black background, but I've also been a fan of You Be You. Looks fine to me, but if you went back to the old look I wouldn't cry.

    1. I'm not sure if it's my eyesight or my computer... but is this slightly PINK? Maybe with the black border backgrounds it seems pinker....


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