Raiding - Well now that's relaxing!

Wednesday night raiding saw us clearing H TOS in just one night, which was really good. Probably means people will happily turn up for one heroic raid a week, and also I can do other things on the other nights like more mythic plus!

Kinry came back to the guild on his paladin. I find the whole thing a bit strange, but I didn't say anything. Unfortunately he is in a tier where people are keen for upgrades so it might not be so easy to gear compared to being in vanquisher tier where we don't care about upgrades since most of us already have wf/socket/tf.

The nerf of course with the patch this week did help a bit! However, we are still using vantus runes so perhaps next week can be the first week we don't use vantus runes.

I was a little grumpy last night - everyone knows how much I dislike being trolled with swapblasters, so I usually run with a neural silencer on. However, I forgot and someone dropped me off the edge, and everyone started yelling Galestion in raid so I immediately booted him from raid and demoted him - of course, for fun, I wasn't serious or really angry - but didn't realise they were screaming that because poor Gale had been the victim of a swapblast drop also, and was not actually the culprit! So I sheepishly put him back in raid and back to his old rank and then booted Sev from the raid and demoted him, much to his chagrin. It also turned out that it WASN'T him that time (and he is usually the culprit) and he whinged a little bit before I was informed later that it was bloody ULTRA and so I had to reinstate Sev and demote Ultra. By that stage, the joke had gotten thin and nobody really cared anymore.... buncha kids!

But there were some good loots to be had, some upgrades went out but mostly alts got gear and offspecs. And we are still running more than 20... why can't I convince anyone to do a few mythics LOL!