Raiding - Ummm... spoke to soon

Well, so much for a one day clear!

To be fair, we were missing a tank and I had to ask Triarchi to tank and he did a good job since it was his first time tanking heroic. However, he had some connectivity issues so it may have caused him to a lag a little bit so he would accidentally pull agro sometimes and we'd have problems with that. Not an issue MOST of the time, but it was an issue when doing Maiden.

I did make fun of HK saying that he needs to generate more threat otherwise everyone is going to pull agro.

However, Sev in his blissful ignorance of social appropriateness made jokes in the message of the day about Tri's tanking, and I was worried Tri could be a sensitive soul who would take it to heart. Things like, "He Tri-ed, but he failed." Everyone was just making puns with Tri's name - "Can't you see he's Tri-ing his best?" so I hope he was ok, but I did swap him out for Maiden in case of the lag issue and got Ram to tank it with HK. It could have been worse - I could have been tanking!

Sev, continuing his run of irritating people, decided it would be funny to swapblast HK off the edge of the platform in Maiden. Tanks are very cranky people, and he shouldn't have done that to an officer who outranks him - so down Sev went into Hibernating rank.

It is difficult to threaten Sev when Aza is on holidays in Canada and Duggy was on holidays too, leaving him as the only warlock - and thus without him we can't summon people. But, after a day of being a pleb rank, I repromoted him to Beta - but took away his guild note editing abilities, much to his dismay. HK said that it was unfair that Splatz be punished along with Sev (as he is also a Beta) so Splatz earned a one day promotion to Alpha.

I think one legendary went out that Wednesday raid. But on Thursday we went and hit up KJ and got that down reasonably quickly. We also had a much smaller group. I tried running 4 piece T19 but still didn't feel like I healed very well compared to the others.

It's my last raid for 2 weeks since I'm off to Hawa'ii on Saturday. I hope the guild behaves themselves when I am away!