Minipost - Boomkin Legendary #8 - Cinidaria, the Symbiote

This is actually just a generic legendary, but I got it when in Boomkin spec so it comes under Boomy for me. I got it from my Farondis cache.

Not sure when a legendary that does "30% increased damage when target is over 90% health and heal you for 100% of damage done" can be used in any way that is useful... now it if it was an execute that would be more useful (ie 30% increased damage when target is under 10% health...) but it's another one to add to the collection. I doubt this one will ever leave the bank.

I must admit, that it was only 8 days since my last legendary. Hmm. How long till the next one?


  1. I thought I was on the wrong blog.. it's all changed and looks awesome!
    Just wanted to drop in and say hi.. Been on a break from WoW for the last month and probably wont be back for a while. Hope all is good with you and yours <3

    1. Thanks! Hope you're feeling ok - have been thinking about you and hoping you've been doing ok with your health things!


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