Lucid Nightmare - with emphasis on the Nightmare!

I really LOVE that there are these hidden things this expansion. For those amazing guys and gals who are amazing puzzle solvers and sheer determination... my hats off to them again!

So off me and HK went to tackle this puzzle, using the answers from Wowhead. that started off in Curiosities & Moore in Dalaran.

I have no idea how anyone figured out that 2104059 is an anagram of 15/4/2009 which was when patch 3.1.0 'Secrets of Ulduar" was released. So off we went to Ulduar and there in XT's room, in the north west corner was a lever (sticking out of a robot head).

Pulling the lever made this grid of light switches spawn in the middle of the room.

I wish we had the foresight to kill XT off to the side. He was blocking some of the lights! Fortunately, clicking on the lights made a sound so I could tell if we were doing it. The pattern we were supposed to get was a gear, the symbol of Mimiron.

Which took us a bit longer than normal. Which darn light hadn't we switched on, or not switched off?

Eventually we got it!

Well. Either that's talking about Yogg or C'thun. It turned out it was talking about C'thun. So off we went to Ahn'Qiraj. And how cool, after all these years I got the Red Bug!

Around the corner from C'thun's room there is a table with a red bug on it, and when you click it, Old Gods Bejewelled comes up!

I think it's kinda cute! You have to keep playing for a while to finish it (I assume there is some points you have to get to) and then a note appears on the table again.

Deeper than Deep. Awaits your seat. Sounds like Deepholm to me. I thought seat meant to where Therazane was, but no, there is an actual SEAT. But, you have to go where you do that Pebble daily which is in a cave where the big worm goes round round and there is a crack on the ground. You need to jump in that crack.

Now there's the seat! It has a plaque on the back, which when read says:

Another anagram I would never have figured out! "Racksum Greep is the key." Racksum Greep is an NPC in Ratchet who is wearing a Shadoweave Mask.  Fortunately all those Shadoweave masks I made ages ago have come in useful. Someone told me they would be worth something so I made a heap of them a year or two ago but they never sold so now I had them sitting in my bank. One for me and one for HK and once we donned those to look like Racksum Greep.

Clicking the skull with the mask on made another note appear. We actually had to relog because we couldn't interact with the skull - apparently this is very common. Now I don't know if you can just hang around and watch other people do it and then get access to the note. There were a whole bunch of people standing at the chair not wearing the Shadoweave mask. I should have tried it with either me or HK doing it to see if we could both see the note, and leave a spare Shadoweave mask to sell.

The shaded delegate is a clue for "Dark Iron Ambassador" which is a rare spawn in Gnomeregan. Off we went to Gnomeregan and we found this panel of levers and a plaque with binary instructions.

How they solved this is beyond me. This is the solution here:

Setting the levers to 1222176597 makes a new note appear. Now this can be done together, because we both moved different levers and the note appeared and we could both see it.

This points to a nightmare tumour in a house in Val'sharah.

Clicking it pulls up this string puzzle and Il'gynoth says "Al'ksh syr iir awan? Iilth sythn agev" which translates to "Is this real or an illusion? You are going mad." I assume you have to be a priest to understand crazy talk.

Separating all the tangles and making all the lines blue brings out another note.

Vague! How would you know that clue meant you had to go the Tomb of Secrets in Kun Lai Summit? Going down into the tomb you find an urn.

And here you go to the Endless halls, which is a maze. Great. As if I don't get lost enough as it is. You have to map the place, find 5 runes (blue, purple, yellow, green, red) and 5 orbs and click the orb and take it to its corresponding rune.

This took me HOURS. People talk about using the addon, but I preferred to map it. This was my first map completed, but I had to log off because I was at work! If you log off, the map changes. If you take too long, sitting around doing nothing, the map changes. But you can get the same map again on different attempts, which is what happened to HK (he got the same map after the 4th attempt)

Once you solve the maze, the next room you go to has another note.

This last note is telling us to go to Karazhan, to the Forgotten Crypt. Once upon a time it was hard to get into it, and nobody knew what it was for, but now it has a purpose!

Keep going down, down, down... and in the Pit of Criminals there is a pile of bones and the box, Puzzler's Desire, is atop the pile.

What a gorgeous mount! I whinged about having unicorns looking stupid with tauren riding them, but I think I'll make an exception for this one.

I hope they continue to have more cool hidden things to find. Wowhead had a list of credits from the puzzle breaker discord and a big hats off and thank you to all of them!

Nativodf - found first note in Dalaran
DlanorAKnox - found the lever in The Scrapyard
Kalx (Shaman) - found the solution for the 20 by 20 grid
Nsy - found the Deep Cavern in Deepholm
Azariux - figured out the code for the console in Gnomeregan
Pools - explained the console code
Coldwind and Takamatsuku - translated and confirmed the anagrams in Chinese
Tobeki - found the Nightmare Tumor in Val'sharah
Danteus - found the Urn in the Tomb of Secrets from Kun-Lai Summit
Dyaon - found the quests for the script to track the progress
Frogge - in depth explanation of how the maze works -
BeWasted - proof read the guide and helped out with writing the last parts of it


  1. Hi Navimie :) I am confused! I have had trouble finding your site! Have you changed it's apperance or merged with another one of yours or? Hm! Ah well, now I tracked you down again, hi :)

    Congratulations on this gorgeous mount, and thank you for sharing - these pictures might end up helping me greatly once I give it a try. And also congratulations, on the red bug too :)

    1. Hi Alu! Yes, I changed the look a little ... bit of a shock for my long term readers! Hope you get the mount it is gorgeous and well worth the time!


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