Raiding - What goes up must come down

Just when I thought we were a bit overfull, we had a few people leaving. 2 healers left - one who said they wanted to try some mythic, the other who left without a word - which was a little bit surprising. One added me to battlenet after leaving, the other put me on ignore. I am of course, unsure what I did, but in my own mind if I did anything it was unintentional. Hopefully, they will be happy in their endeavours.

Good friends of one of them might follow them to wherever they went, and that would be sad, but I'd understand. Regardless, life goes on, and I can't worry too much about them, because I have to worry about those that are still here.

So this week we did a full clear in 1.5 days. Last week we decided to attempt mythic but people's hearts weren't in it. Most people would like to take a break, and with our raids, people have to leave early so that screws things up a bit too.

This week Galestion decided to be funny and we managed to score an achievement.

He blew his Mrgrglhjorn and summoned Elder Murk-eye and we had to kill him. It wasn't that bad, and it was a surprising and pleasant achievement to have pop up.

We also were stuffing around and we wiped on Mistress a few times, much to my distress. We finished Wednesday with Avatar and KJ to go, and on Thursday we got them down easily, which was nice.

So now, Mondays are free days. No more raids on Monday! After 7.3 drops, might consider achievement runs on Sundays instead of raid, but we shall see....