Raiding - Ahead of the Curve: Kil'jaeden

We did it!

Raid attendance was a bit low with 19 people turning up to raid. Well, it was actually 20 but Eurie was lagging so badly she decided to drop.

However, we had made some progress on it last Thursday and all we needed to do was get through that dark phase again so we could finish the last bit.

Our first attempt of the night was our best yet, down to 19%. We had Amayeti, myself, Ram and Cosima healing and surprisingly no warriors in raid save our tank, Splatzor. We bumped it up to 5 heals with Mag healing, because he has been whinging that he doesn't like DPSing Kil'jaeden because his damage is super lame coz of the flying bit.

We had a few hiccups after that with missed Armageddons and things. Ultra and I died on one attempt because we soaked 2 armageddons right before the darkness phase and of course we just rolled over and died. I felt stupid.

But on the kill attempt we were doing it well, the orb was kited reasonably with only one crappy placement but I was so OOM by then I was going off fumes. People kept their focus and tried not to tunnel and do the mechanics correctly dipping their butts into the yellow circle briefly before we came out and hit the boss again.

And then yay! KJ is dead!

Don't you hate it when you lose your achievement popping up on the screen because of a cut scene? I didn't see a cutscene (prob skipped since we have seen it before) but that's why I have to use this armory screengrab instead.

No super shiny loots, but there were shinies!

Yay Frostwolves! Now, what do we do? Take a break? Try some mythic?

We'll see what interest we have. Traditionally, people just start taking breaks and our numbers drop. But the cool thing is, that's ok! I think of all the people not here tonight - Moisty, Falln, Consti, Eurie, Kinry, Triarchi, Goodgravy... hopefully those who missed out will get their achievement next week!


  1. You weren't deceived by The Deceiver, I see...


  2. Congratulations Navimie! :)

    Oh, dear Navimie, is there a way for you to add a function - so one recieves email when you make a new post? That'd be so great.


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