Prestige 15 - When you're 15

Is an achievement still an achievement if there was nobody on to see it?

I got on at a stupid hour of morning to do my PvP world quest so I could tick over to the the next honour level and Prestige.

Ugh, don't you hate it when you take a really lame screenshot!

I think getting a Crest of Devastation is a rather redundant thing. What is the point of getting an item that I have to use anyway because it's BoP - why can't it give them all at once?

Anyway, I unlocked my new colour variant in PvP, and all I really wanted is the red bear.

Also, I finally got 100,000 honourable kills last night during PvP night. Talk about slow! It only took me 12 years...

But here I am, showing off my new stuffs! Well, if you can read the title. Oh and oops there is pretty Argus in the background again... I can never stop looking at it!

Some hairy games last night - we had some really terrible games and also some really close call games.


  1. Oh HELL yes is an achievement still an achievement. When I got Loremaster on my original main back in Wrath, those last 10 quests were a bear to find. So yeah, even though I dinged when nobody was around, I was still very happy to get that achievement.


    1. The bummy thing there is nobody to share in your excitememt of the moment! Thank goodness for a blog :)

  2. grtz. just in time for the extension to p21 they just announced :-)

    1. Sigh. More my little ponies I suppose. What other rewards could there be... more pets imo!

  3. Oh wow, that is one sweet look! Congratulations on that :) I'm almost there myself! (Prestige level 2...hah)


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