Minipost: Anyone need a medic?

If you wanted one in a hurry, don't ask me. I only just maxxed out my first aid doing one of the first aid quests when I was in Azsuna.

Nokturn started playing some of his alts in the guild again, and he was surprised it had taken me so long. But, how many healers actually bother doing first aid? What a waste of time profession!

But I'm not one to snort at free achievements. I did nothing except Darkmoon Faire First aid and those random drop first aid dailies to level my first aid. I've only done 4 of those quests though - man they are a pain to get to drop! And when they do drop it's often one I've already done (which means I just abandon it). This time was one I hadn't done before, requiring some salve made from mackerel. Of course, I was low on mackerel so I had to go fish some so I could do the quest.

Go go achievements!