Guildleader chores - Frostwolves health check

I should be glad we have a good reputation and attracting good people to the guild. It's just that we are so FULL that we are bordering on sitting people out of heroic when there are 30 people (though we haven't gotten to that point yet. But there are plenty of people who have volunteered to sit out)

We had a new healer who is friends with Tri and Kinry, and I went through a HUGE long chat with them trying to figure out if they would fit in. So we introduced ourselves and I asked him to tell me a bit about himself. Then I got the I-was-in-a-top-5-guild-before spiel and used to play WoW really heavily back in X-expansion, and I thought uh oh, is this guy going to fit in here. But, he said he now heads up a company with 10 employees, married with 2 kids and doesn't really have time for that anymore, and can only play after 9pm. So after a bit more chatting, this guy was actually really patient and mature, so I invited him to the guild, brought him along on the Sunday raid and he actually healed really well. The only bad thing was that he hadn't done the last few bosses before (but had done them on LFR) and made Splatz cranky coz he ran ahead on Maiden picking up orbs. It was fixed with a quick explanation, and even on Wednesday raid, Splatz said "I'm giving Slug 3 strikes with Maiden," but I quickly reassured me that the problem had been rectified. So far, I'm pleased. At least he isn't a druid healer - having more shamans is good, a paladin would have been even better!

However, that just means we have too many healers. And I am not going to recruit any more DPS! So, the healers just better do some better DPS - and that includes me, because I am the only one with DPS legendaries and I do a dreadful job DPSing.

In fact, on Thursday night, I went DPS (because Yeti did Wed night DPS) and I moaned and groaned all night. It's so fun being at the bottom!

Consti was making me grumpy on Maiden because he is cleave spec on his warrior and so he follows maiden around cleaving her and the boss. He normally does 4x the damage on her then the next DPS down, and it has been pointed out to me multiple times, and despite me telling him not to do that, he said no he's not stopping. Fortunately we don't have a big problem on her dying before we get the Avatar down lowish so it's not a big deal but it's annoying when people don't listen.

KJ was struggly, whether that was because we have lots of people in raid, or whether we have too many healers or whether people are not doing mechanics right or maybe it's a combination of all those things. Anyway, so despite our best efforts, we will still have to do KJ on Monday.

I feel sad for my friends who have been having the usual mythic guild woes, and hope that things are on the upturn for them soon. I feel glad that I no longer have to worry about those things, because it really does seem that casual heroic is the only way for a guild to have longevity and stability in current WoW times.

I had to have a word with another guildie for getting upset in guild chat and calling people nasty names because they were picking on him. I did read the conversation - I don't think that they were picking on him, just disagreeing with what he said. He just didn't like being disagreed with and lashed out. I made a point of telling him that it's not appropriate and that everyone is entitled to their opinion but in general our guild is very PRO WoW so having people slag the game off and then call people names is really not how we deal with things. Logging off and having a rage and then logging back in is a much better thing to do, rather than say things that you can't take back. When I confronted him about it, he said that he gave back as good as he got, but when I pointed out that nobody said the f word (whereas he did) or calling everyone in the guild a low IQ and autistic... totally not in keeping with guild policy. So I told him not to do it again, and that this was his first warning. Warning bells were ringing by then, since he seemed to show neither remorse nor an apology for his behaviour, and also no indication that he would not do it again when that happened. Totally different to another incident with a different guildie, whom I let back in because he was remorseful and seemed sincerely apologetic after an extreme outburst.

But, my problem was solved. Come raid day, he asked if he could raid, and I said is your ilvl good now, and it was. However he was missing 2 enchants. I said he had to get his stuff enchanted. He said it was too expensive, and I said I would do it for him, just send me his greens. He didn't have any, he said. Now I wasn't very clear, perhaps, but I didn't mean he had to give it to me RIGHT NOW, but he could send me all his subsequent greens. But we started raid, he didn't join, and then he gquit whilst we were doing the first boss. I asked him what was going on, he didn't even say good bye, and he said that he was annoyed about not being able to raid. An hour later, he whispered me saying that he got his stuff enchanted, and he wanted to come to raid. "But you're not in guild anymore," I said. He said invite him back to the guild. I said I'll talk to him after raid, and then he pouted that he was missing a raid again. I said "Well, you shouldn't have left the guild. I will talk to you later." He said that I had been a bit unfair, firstly putting an ilvl requirement on raiding, and then asking that people be fully chanted and gemmed. He asked what hurdle would I put next. I was feeling really irritated by then and I told him that raiding requirements are clearly listed on discord, and that he is not so special that he is exempt from those requirements.

So later, I chatted to him and told him that I didn't think he seemed very happy here, and I would rather people be in the guild that were happy to be here. I told him to find another guild and try it out for a month, and if he wasn't happy there he could talk to me in a month and discuss returning. Otherwise, maybe he would be happy there. He said he didn't know whom to talk to and I rolled my eyes, and very kindly spoke to officers of 2 guild on the server and gave him their names. Talk about generous!

In other news, I promoted a new officer. Splatz got promoted to officer on Monday - whether congratulations or commiserations are in order, I am unsure. Sev said to me that he had suggested that a LOOONG time ago. However, there was a reason it was so long in coming. I have promoted a few people to the supply officer rank (which allows full guild bank access but not officer channel access) but it has now been more than 6 months since Xyn passed. If I had done it any earlier, I would have felt like I was replacing Xyn - I guess I wasn't quite ready yet. Now, when I promoted Splatz, it felt like something that was long overdue, rather than looking at Splatz as the new Xyn. And I think that everyone else in the guild would think so too.