Ferocious Combatant - Scorpion, Trike or Turtle?

Just in the nick of time I managed to squeeze in my 100 games of 3v3 for the season. I have been supremely lazy last 2 seasons, not getting my mounts, but I'm glad I managed to get it this season.

It's been a different season, with more people to play with. I am no longer the only healer! Codom and Weave are great healers, so I even get the chance to practice my boomy in PvP. I am still a bit bad with interrupts and orientating myself sometimes but when I play with Sev it can be kinda fun. Especially when they hit me so that Sev can free cast.

So which to choose? I never liked the Trike, and the Turtle seems a bit slow (even though it does go as fast as all the others), so I went with the scorpion.

I'm not sure I'll ever use this mount, but it's a nice addition to the collection!