Why I think the Mythic Plus invitational is great

There is a lot of slagging off about this Mythic Dungeon invitational in forums and comments, but personally, I think it's great.

Why? Because this is PvE content being made into some kind of esport, that I can watch and enjoy. Almost all the other esports are PvP. And don't get me wrong, I like to PvP, but I also like to PvE and at least I understand and can appreciate a Mythic Dungeon. And there may be other people who are not arena players who at least know the dungeons so they can watch and know what's going on.

Mythic raid races, like the one I watched at Blizzcon, are ok, but they take a LOT of setting up. Getting 20 people per side set up and then watching 20 different things to see where to comment on... well that's really busy. Arena tournament is good because you only have 6 people to watch trying to kill each other. And now we can watch people doing PvE content and seeing how they do it (and perhaps get some tips!)

The server rankings are now full of people with +22 mythic dungeons on the ladder. I can't even fathom that, considering I struggle on my own stuff sometimes. Those few times where my team has been the top on of the ladder because we torture ourselves with silly keys (like COEN 15 on a tyrannical grievous bolstering week), but now we'll see the real experts coming out, and then we can learn something for our own runs! Kjerstin (THERE I SPELT IT RIGHT FOR ONCE) is always enthsuiastic for M+ so at least I can find someone to drag around to do things with.

This week's affixes are not too bad and I've been playing with Spring Blossoms and double swiftmend to see how that goes with the 4 set T20 tier. I keep casting healing touch out of habit (BAD HABIT!) so I need to break myself out of that since I am no longer using abundance.

Anna and Gal have a guildie who is trying to get into the Mythic plus invitational and I wish him all the best (he's a holy priest). He is up there wiih +22 and +23 dungeons all the time, and I'm thinking OMG wow!

So what do you think? Excited to watch some Mythic dungeon races? I think it would be fun to watch them all at the same time so we can see compare them as time goes on, but is that practical for commentary? I'm not sure. But yes, I'm excited to watch it!


  1. Your reasons for thinking this is great sure are valid. I'm not entirely sure that it will be possible for Blizzard to "play on so many horses" with this; meaning, how to keep every single player base happy and content;
    I am certain that we are going to see changes to the game based on the expanding on this kind of Esport things in the future. But time will tell :)

    1. WoW itself doesn't have a great esport following - not like Overwatch - and hopefully this will open it up to more ideas that are interesting to watch. I don't think we will have tournaments or anything about that (which unfortunately is what esports is about!) but I like that it's something different to watch.


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