Transmog: I want that monk hat!

When Lushen and HK were showing off their Tier 20 helms, I was so envious! I wanted one! Lushen said that a lookalike drops from Kil'jaeden. Well, I wasn't going to see that anytime soon on heroic, BUT Ram managed to get one from normal raid the other day and kindly gave it to me!

Unfortunately, I don't have anything that goes with it, so I am wearing a whole bunch of monk lookalike tier 19 with the helm for the moment, at least until I find something better.

I love animal inspired helms! If anyone has some better suggestions - look forward to hearing them! (pst Kamalia!)


  1. I want that monk hat, too! It would be so awesome for a Feral kit.

    That outfit in the first picture is pretty great -- though it looks like she recently got the T20 lookalike gloves from the Broken Shore and forgot to fix her mog after she equipped them, or something, because they don't really match -- I think there might be some gloves from the Ulduar druid lookalike set that would work better with the overall ensemble she's got going.

    No guarantees on if I'll be able to get any ideas together for you anytime soon, though, between updating the Transmogrification picture links in my blog and the stuff I Gotta Do for school and baby...

    1. Thanks for even considering Kam! I am a useless fashionista and I always like your fashion advice. Ha, I think Aimei will be embarrassed I put a pic up with unmogged gloves LOL

  2. I saw that set too, it looks so great! One of the better animal-themed headpieces :) Hmmm...Transmogs that fits...


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