Secret Achievements - Drum Circle

Another secret achievement, this time thanks to Alunaria.

When I read her blog about the achievement, she didn't actually say WHAT you had to do to get it. Something about having a group of people jumping on the drum in Thunder Totem. They weren't sure what they did either, as only 2 of them were jumping and they got the achievement.

When you go look up the achievement on Wowhead, I don't think anyone there knows either. Pretty much everyone was just jumping around and got the achievement.

I didn't realise that - I just dragged HK, Crooked and Tacky along and told them we had to jump on this drum.

I am not sure what we did to make it go. What we did notice that was as you move further to the edges the drum sounded different. So we were jumping in each of the different circular zones continuously and the achievement procced. That was with 4 people in a party and one extra jumping around (Tacky got on his second account).

Spanky and Coffee wanted it so we got a jumping party together and jumped around on the drum. We did the same thing where we jumped in different areas and we got the achievement.

Gal missed out so they went back to help him and he got the achievement as well.

Now we're all drummers!

So give that a try - one in each circle, have at least 4 (but more is better) and jump away! Good luck!


  1. Hah, congratulations!

    I totally did say what you have to do! Just bounce and bounce! :D

    Good stuff! Now where are the rest of the hidden achievements I wonder.../lurks.

    1. I am SURE there is more to it than that. I think it's so random... there must be a count timer for it or something!


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