Raiding - When Kil'jaeden goes down, Argus is up!

Well we managed to clear normal on Sunday, and the annoying thing about the cutscene is that it blocks me from taking screenshots of my achievement!

Thanks to Koda for giving me her pic!


In the cutscene, Illidan has now opened up the way for us to go to Argus, and Argus is now in the sky everywhere we go. It looks SO COOL.

We tried to take a pic with it, but I didn't do very well.

I can't stop taking pictures of Argus!

So bloody amazing looking!

Ahem, I should be talking about raid.

Kil'jaeden was easier than I thought it would be - just run around and stay alive in the in between phases. I was dead during Fallen Avatar so I have zero understanding of that fight except run out with your green stuff, hit the maiden when she has a bubble and run away when DBM says run away. Once you fall through the floor I'm not sure what happens.

Surprisingly, we didn't have a full Sunday raid! Usually people are busting to get in and we have to sit people out, but there were at least 5 spare spots. Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing, a smaller group was easier to do stuff with. But I was happy to see some casual raiders attending. Now that they know we are clearing normal on Sunday, there may suddenly be an increase in attendance.

So, next tier we go to Argus! COOL! Though we already knew that - they said so at Blizzcon. Good work on clearing out normal everyone!


  1. Oooh congrats! We were sooo close to killing KJ last week - fingers crossed for this week! The two bosses before KJ seem to be a sticking point for us, and do seem to cause problems with the bigger groups - especially Maidens - our Wednesday (main) raid night tends to see us going with 25-30 people, and there's more chance for someone to muck up .. which causes problems as it affects everyone around them. Avatar feels like it's a bit of a dps check - you have to dps him down as much as possible on phase 1, because you really don't have a lot of time down on phase 2 (although currently we're managing to cheese that a little bit on Normal with help from a demon hunter tank!).

    Friday is our secondary raid night, and tends to attract less people, which seems to make it easier - although that "fog of war" intermission is a bugger :p

    1. Hope you managed to get it down, Sprowt! It seemed rough with a lot of people but even with less people we were having issues making sure enough peeps were soaking armageddon.

      How does a DH tank cheese it?? Off to google!


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