Raiding - Glad we managed to get this far...

I am sad to say that despite my best efforts on Fallen Avatar, what I was hoping to achieve with melee moving as a nice coordinated group not dropping their crap everywhere and keeping uptime on the boss... nup Not happening. People moving too fast, moving too slow, lag etc meant melee kept getting wiped out. So basically back to the old you stand wherever and run backwards.

Same with the arrow things to the sides. That wasn't working either. Still shooting melee. So just stand up the back with it and hope to god you don't shoot anyone if you're ranged, especially not the tank coz he will crack a wobbly being shot.

So after multiple attempts of trying to do it the tidy way, we went back to the old way and we killed it. Everyone is saying I told you so, and they're right. But, it was worth a shot!

Trying to do it with 3 of our main healers out of the pictures is also a bit of a doozy. Kinry had a family tragedy, Ram is busy working and Yeti was probably playing netball. That left me, Cosima as the main heals and Amelior switching over to help as well as Gravy helping too. In fact, on our kill attempt, Vorkrack was healing too! At least he wasn't in melee causing mischief, and hanging out at ranged.

The main big change this week was that I decided to master loot the tier bosses. After people said we were doing normal on Monday because people needed tier, I thought it's time to start sharing it around as we are throwing out a lot of tier with double ups. Consti had a whinge about it, which I listened to but it did not change my mind. Unfortunately I was so caught up with making sure I didn't stuff up loots that I forgot to check how much of an upgrade things were, or whether we were making 2 or 4 pieces. I don't really mind if people are upgrading from normal to heroic but those who had neither were getting upset about it, so I will make sure normal tier is also master looted so I can get some tier to people.

The other major hiccup on Wednesday was with Maiden, with people stepping in the pool on the ground and getting a bomb (that happened to me) and people on the wrong side, people not following the tank... just messy. Lots of wipes. Cosima had to leave to take her son to work, and I said hurry and come back and we might still be here. Sure enough, we were, but with her back, we got it down finally.

Kil'jaeden will take some doing, as it does way more damage than we're used to, and we have to stop clumping up and killing ourselves when he targets someone. I just need to pick up my game!


  1. I admire you are able to keep a steady raid schedule despite the summer times; I can easily understand why it's not possible to maintain the same "level of dedication and progress" during these months, though. The fights sound cool and complex too!

    Press on, hero. Give no pause to your attacks :)

    1. LOL Alunaria, with the Khadgar quote :D And it's the dead of winter here down under - makes it even harder to raid with cold hands!

  2. Hey Navi, I feel your pain on Avatar!
    We ended up 3 healing it and using Avalanche potions (which don't share a cd with pots/flasks/lock rocks) in P2 to stop falling damage - which meant we didn't have to heal as much down there.
    If you are ever short on raid night, I will give you my mobile number and you can text me to come online.. or I could just gear my other shammy in your guild :P

    1. LOL it turns out no need! But glad to hear you guys are doing well :D

  3. Aw, shoot, cold hands are no good for raiding. Have you ever tried those "wrist warmers"? They work wonders for me :)


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