Raiding - The Avatar has Fallen

This week in raid we were working on Fallen Avatar and when we were up to it, we decided to use Vantus runes on it. The interesting thing is that people were not sure how to do that - and it turned out I figured it out by accident since I was told that you can select the boss you want to use the Vantus rune on. So target the boss, and click your rune. Done.

But some guildies were really funny. I had a few guildies who said they didn't know how to make it work, or that it wasn't working. One guildie gave it back to me and said he wanted another one because it wasn't working - and I laughed my ass off when I told him how to fix that.  Anyway, purple line to the boss for a second and boom, one week of increased versatility against that boss for the week. Yes yes, I know we only had a day or two on him but it couldn't hurt!

We had a lot of deaths to unbound chaos as people ran all over the place and even ran over people. We died lots of times because we weren't doing enough damage to the maiden to get the bubble off and it would explode and wipe the raid. Tanks died because we hadn't given them their own healer. People were shooting those... purple things through the tanks and other people.

As we went on we slowly figured out these things - Ram got to do tank healing and so he got to have fun whilst Koda and I were relegated to the sides to heal our little corners of raid and Kinry got to stand in the middle and heal everything with Ram. Made our healing look like crap but at least we had a small number to look after.  We started to move the purple things forward and to the sides to avoid hitting the tanks - well, we still have that problem but it's getting better. And I was despairing that my side would never stop killing one another with the unbound chaos and then Kjersten and Pancake started doing this like in the video of Future vs Fallen Avatar. It's hard because it's a mage POV but look at the melee at skull at timestamp 1:30ish

They pile up together on skull and move as one in front of the boss so they can all leave their unbound chaos behind them and still DPS the boss at the same time. However, all you need is one slow or one fast person and that screws the whole thing up. So I might make the right side melee do that and leave the left side to do whatever they feel like doing (ie running straight out)

Anyway we were slowly getting there and trying to get Avatar to 30% before we killed maiden. Once we went down, we weren't doing very well soaking those purple circles so we told people who had to them to run away and sacrifice yourselves whilst everyone hit the boss. I'm sure there is a better way to do that!

And then yay we did it! Now the unfortunate thing was Consti had disconnected and I told him to sit out for this one quick wipe but it turned out we killed it. He was dead in the raid though and I don't know if he could loot but he could roll on it so I'm sure he was there for the kill, even though he was a dead weight.

Yay Frostwolves! Bloody Spoon is standing right on top of me so you can't see me, but I assure you, I was there! Now... onto Kil'jaeden!