Prestige 14 - Fourteen for the team

I have no idea what that achievement even MEANS. What is it a play on?

No special rewards for this prestige. Apparently that title I picked up at Prestige 13, honour level 13 (the Unrelenting) is supposed to be the Prestige 14 reward. Anyway, I have it already (and I quite like the title) so now it's onto the next one. The BIG one.

2v2 arena have been fun with Sev, but melee teams are still hurting a lot. What I am regretting now is all those stat sticks I threw out from PvP. I'm sure they would have been useful in boomkin!


  1. 14, wow! Congratulations :) How long would you say it took? Doing WQs etc every day, Arenas too, or?

    1. I do WQs as often as I can, and I BG/arena on Fridays.


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