Frostwolves games night - A RL one!

Last Saturday a couple of the Sydney Frostwolves descended on my house with board games in hand for something a little different!

It took a bit of planning. HK said his house was too small to host it. Koda and Guns live far away, and they might be too shy to host it. Hyad (my hubby) does not like having visitors over making a mess so he said we can't have it at our house. Shab had no house and Eurie has no house (both are renovating) so we couldn't do it at either of theirs, and Sev of course, was coming from Canberra. Tout's place was an option but his fiance isn't super keen on him gaming so he didn't want to upset her by having it at his place.

So we were going to just meet up at a pub and play there, when I realised that the week after the date we had chosen, Hyad would be overseas for a conference. So we could have it at my place a week later!

I said to arrive from 5pm, and HK turned up at 440pm so I quickly went out to buy snacks. Unfortunately I forgot my phone and was out waiting at the Korean Fried Chicken place, wondering if people had arrived yet. Little did I know that everyone was super punctual and turned up at 5pm and HK had to entertain guests at my house whilst they waited for me!

After pigging out on tons of unhealthy food, we played Codenames first.

It was a fun deduction game, where you have 2 teams and a leader from each team being a spymaster, looking at a master card, which tells you where your spies are.

So looking at the cards on the table, you have to try to get the team to guess where all your spies are using one word and a number. For example using the master card in the lower picture and looking at the top picture, if I said cone 2, you would look at those pics and try to pick which had cones and hopefully they would be the ones that were for your team. Of course, how we interpret things makes things difficult!

I was feeling so clever when I said container 2. But little did I realise there were 5 things that could be containers and of course my team's first choice was WRONG! Which ends our turn. Tout was similar saying metal 3 and we all picked things which were metal and our first choice was a spy for the other team! Guns was the opposite and was ultra conservative going one at a time... much hilarity with that game!

The next one was a murder game, called Deception: Murder in Hong Kong. Another deduction game, where we were given clues to try to find out which one of the players was the murderer, with one witness who knew but mustn't be caught out or the murderer wins.

It took us a bit to get into it, and theories started to fly as the Forensic Scientist gave out hints as to how we could figure out whom the murderer was.

After that we had a few cracks at Keep Talking and Nobody explodes. I think that one isn't so great at the end of the night when people are tired, but I do quite enjoy that game.

It was quite a fun night, and we all thought we'd like to do that again sometime - this time we volunteered Koda's house!


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