Achievement: Whoops! Didn't realise I didn't have Power Unleashed

Well, I was bored the other day and so I did my kitty weapon. I am so bad at cat that I actually did it in boomkin!

So when I got through the quest chain I was surprised to get...

Whoops! Though I had that already!

So I made a big booboo the other day when dumping some AP in to kitty when I queued up for arena. I hit DPS, not realising it would put me in kitty DPS. I even changed to resto after the queue popped but obviously it looks at what spec I was when I queued. Well, shit.

That was so abyssmal, my damage, that I think their healer outDPSed me.

But at least now I learnt my lesson. Never queue anything when I am in cat spec.


  1. Hah, congratulations, I havent got that either. Thanks for the reminder :p

    Oh yeah, been there, done that, with the queuing in wrong role :)

    1. I am glad I am not the only one Alu. Thanks for making me feel normal haha


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