A brutal week in Mythic Plus for a resto druid

What a crappy week - bolstering, grievous and tyrannical!

Getting a 15 done was not easy for little ol' me. I feel happy that I have the legendary ring so that I have both soul of the forest AND tree form, which makes it better for affixes like grievous, and also with the 4 piece T20 set where Swiftmend increases efflorescence healing by 200% for 10 seconds - very handy for grievous but only when everyone is standing in the bloody circle!

The first 15 I did was Cathedral of Eternal Night, with HK, myself, Anna, Gal and poor Spoon. Well, that was bloody terrible, I can tell you now. Especially the 3rd and 4th bosses. I did learn something, however. With the second boss, you can actually take his charge with a cooldown, which is good because he doesn't hit the bookshelf. What I didn't realise that hitting the bookshelf is what made the books come, and they are the biggest pain in the ass things of that encounter, not the boss itself, which is quite easy. Once we did that, the fight was a breeze!

I thought the 3rd boss was going to be the bad one, with all those adds and being knocked around and the AoE. It was pretty bad, but when we got it done, I thought that was the it, homestretch.

No. Oh no no no. Not by a long shot!

The LAST boss was awful! Because 2 people have to move to the edge with Demonic Upheaval (and usually one of them is me), I can't heal the other person as I have to stay in range of the tank and melee, and the other has to stay in range of the boss on the FAR side of me. Also, after that, we can get debuffed with Dark Solitude, which does damage to anyone within 10 yards of you. So that makes stacking up in the Efflo downright impossible.

Then Mephistroth fades and the balls start flying. I usually stand on the side so I don't get hit by balls, but the DPS are all over the place kililng stuff so I have to venture out, which increases my risk of getting hit. I've heard that the healer can stand in the middle and protect Illidan (which Amelior does) but I am hopeless at that, so it's probably better that I don't do it. Creeping shadows is doing increasing damage as well so I'm busy trying to keep everyone up from that and mana was pretty darn terrible. I oom'd towards the end of the fight and ended up retalenting to take Omen of Clarity just so I would have more mana.

We must have attempted that boss more than 15 times. Or at least it felt like it. We even all hearthed out and respecced for better survivability and after a few times (and when lust was up) we managed to do it. Phew! I was super pleased that was over! And it felt longer than it was - it only took us just over an hour to do it.

I had my 15 Lower Kara left to do, and so on Sunday I decided to share my key with Sev, Eurie and Lushen. Kjersten, having a day off on Monday, offered to tank. Having done Lower Kara earlier in the week, screwing up my first 11, then 2 chesting my 2nd 11, I thought ok, I'm ready for this.

Some people having not done lower kara already were a bit sloppy with their positioning so we wiped a few times on the first boss when we lost the swirlies (it was Wicket as the opera event this week). Maiden wasn't too much of an issue though it wasn't a one shot, but then Moroes was bloody horrible. Kjersten asked me if I was ready for the double/triple garrotes and I said I was, but I clearly wasn't. And the fight really needed lust so when we died after using lust, there were some practice attempts in between tidying up our strat as we waited for lust to be up again. I made one mistake where I tab targetted and broke a cc which caused a wipe, but there were so many times where I was just stupid and got stunned whilst not in efflo and did from health ticking down with grievous.

So then onto Attumen. Even though we probably spent just as many attempt on Attumen as we did on Moroes, it felt less because we could reset after someone died rather than run forever trying to get back like we did on Moroes. But it's so unforgiving in that if one person misses out on the shared suffering we all die. Also, that intangible presence is irritating and it takes me a few seconds to be able to spot it, and in my panic I often dispel the wrong person, leading to backlash damage and the ongoing dot. We would reset if I had that happen.

Mezair and Spectral charge were not much of an issue, but there was some melee hit that would kill the melee dps a lot. I don't know what it was. Mortal strike was also a big no-no, and if anyone other than the tank got it, that was also a wipe.

So, 3 hours later, we got our Lower Karazhan down. Holy poo. What a dreadful time, but at least I completed it. I don't think Lushen will ever go anywhere with me ever again!

So, guess what other key I have this week! A +16 Upper Kara! Who wants to do that with me?

LOL! I didn't think so.


  1. I can't stand grevious as a resto druid but this week I did things a little different talent/legendary wise and I found my 15 easier than I was expecting. I took abundance, used the tree helm and took incarnation and it helped a lot with healing. It's just an ick affix though, thank goodness this week will be much easier with fort, sanguine and volcanic.. just need people who can move out of stuff though :)

    1. I just wish I had a more fun 15 then COEN or Kara! Why couldn't I get a nice COS or Nelth's! I would also rather do HoV!


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