Raiding - OMG back to 4 days of raiding!

It was satisfying to see bosses going down on normal - it reminded me why I said we should be doing heroic first instead of normal!

From a healer point of view it was so boring during the first 3 that I went DPS (we had too many healers anyway) and dragged my ass at the bottom of the pack for a bit. I switched back to heals for Maiden of Vigilance (which reminded me of Thaddeus in Naxxramas with the left-right business) which was fun from my point of view but everyone else found it really annoying because of having to jump in the hole and gettting knocked out of it when your bomb went off.

We did have a laugh when we did Desolate Host, where we had to have the raid split into the corporeal and spirit realms. To switch between the realms we had to click on the braziers around the edge of the room. Ultra kept calling them brassieres (bra-zee-airs) instead of bray-zee-ers so we had some immature giggles for a while.

I actually forced the guild to take a picture of dead Harjartan on normal. Ha, here is the fake kill pic!

At least there were some nice loots going out! By the end of the night we got to have a look at Fallen Avatar but no success at killing it with the limited time that we had.

On Monday we came back for heroic and got Mistress down.

As we were going to the Sisters of the Moon (by the way the trash on the way there was annoying - but if I run around in bear I can't get polymorphed) there was a funny misstep where people kept falling through the world...

I think next week we will do heroic on Wednesday and Thursday, do normal on Sunday with casuals filling up the rest of the raid and then finishing the normal raid on Monday and whatever time we have left over do some heroic. But we'll see!


  1. Hehe, great cartoon in the end there :D

    And nice real kill pictures! ;)

  2. Oh, hah, that is awesome - Inspiration bouncing around ftw! :D


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